Mini me and a little proposal.


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  1. For real, I would! Getting the day’s drawing is like having our Sunday comics delivered to my iPad. How do I enter?

  2. Yes :) What do we have to do to be eligible?

  3. Would love one and will provide a review, too, if you would like. What should I do?

  4. That would be great :D Yes please!

  5. Oh, yes, yes, yes please! ^_^

  6. Absolutely, wadda I gotta do?

  7. Absolutely Interested here :)

  8. Of course! Your mammy’s pictures are lovely, dear, and I would be delighted to have some in my house to show to my own littles, who are not so very little any more.

  9. Good lord yes! What a daft question!

  10. Would love to win one, you’ve inspired me to sketch again with your fabulous pictures !

  11. Oh yeah! I would love to wind one.

  12. ha ha win one

  13. Alanna Randall Beckwith

    Most definitely!

  14. Absolutely yes! Your Mammy’s doodles make me feel closer to my grandchildren. :)

  15. Yes, What do I have to do?

  16. Yes! Please!

  17. I would LOVE to!!!

  18. Congrats on your book!

  19. Damn straight I would!

    But I’ll buy one if I don’t.

  20. Oh yes please :-) Your mammy’s pictures make me smile every day (and I love that she’s your mAmmy, just like mine).

  21. Ooh congratulations! Exciting! :-) would love a copy. Cant wait to see it in shoppies!

  22. Ooh congratulations! Exciting! Would love a copy, cant wait to see it in the shoppies :-)

  23. Oh my! yes please, your drawings never fail to lift my mood and capture so much of the essence of my life at home with smalls. :)

  24. I would definitely love, love, love to win one. Sam xx

  25. Yes please, what would I need to do?

  26. Oh yes!!!

  27. It would be amazing to win a copy though will buy one if I don’t. :-)

  28. Yes, I would love to!

  29. Yes please! Love your illustrations.

  30. Congratulations, exciting times ! Would love to have a copy. :)

  31. Happy to buy one :) where are they for sale?

  32. Absolutely…your mummy is a genius!

  33. Ooooooh, yes please!!! 

  34. A tantalising tease? :)
    Yes please.

  35. Would love to! This always makes me smile no matter what mood I come to WordPress in.. Thank you for that :-)

  36. Yes please! How exciting for you! I hope it sells well for you. xx

  37. Ooo, yes please!! Congrats on the release! :-)

  38. Definitely, but what do we need to do?

  39. I would love to have a copy.

  40. Manraj Singh Gujral

    Haha! super

    Manraj Singh Gujral

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