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The Welshman who went up a mountain.

Myles is going up Pen Y Fan, a mountain in Wales, in full chain maile kit tomorrow to raise money for cancer research Wales. If you happen to be in the area, please lob him a jaffa cake or a pound and he’ll be most grateful.
Here’s his page if you’re interested in helping, it would be most appreciated.

welshman up a mountain




Evie has been trilling away to herself all afternoon. I’ve never heard anything like it!
tra la laa

Back home.

Gruff’s not coping well with being back in his bedroom on his own. I keep finding him in Evie’s room, fast asleep, with a cat snoozing on top.

two in the bed

Green Man 2014.

I’m at the Green Man for the next week. Obviously signal strength (and beer) may affect my posts! I don’t think I’ll be able to post much till I get back next week but rest assured, I will be drawing!


A prickly visitor.

How cute are baby hedgehogs? Not fluffy but so very, very cute!


Swimming with the fishes.

Swimming in a freshwater lake in your shorts and t-shirt. Because you can not because your daughter dared you to…


Wild children.

No games consoles, no screens, just barefeet and imagination.


Better bring the dog in…


Pond dipping.



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