Ice pictures.

It’s hard to stay focused on scraping the ice off the car when the kids are shouting, “draw me a vampire!”
It could catch on as long as you can drive safely….
ice carving

There’s no place like crate.

no place like crate

Still life.

still life


Millie’s off on an adventure weekend with her school tomorrow. It’s going to be cold so I’ve packed loads…

Parents’ evening.

We had our first one for Millie at her high school tonight and it went really well. She’s settled well and is working hard and I’m so very proud of her. We tried not to be embarrassing….honestly.
not cool

That snowy feeling…

…you know, that feeling you get when you finish school for the day and you find out it’s snowing.
that snowy feeling

Ginger goes to school.

I took Ginger into school today to as Reception class are studying pets and animals and they wanted to meet a chicken. Ginger was very well behaved. She was quite happy to be fed corn and have her feathers stroked.
ginger goes to school

Party leopard.

Evie wanted to go dressed as a leopard to a party this afternoon.
No dress, no pretty top, just the “big cat look.”
Why not.

party leopard


Call me childish but running past Bonnie and overtaking her, really gets on her nerves, (snigger).


Gruff has outgrown his favourite stripy jumper. The hunt begins for its successor…



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