Happy Mother’s Day.

mothers day 2015

It’s not going to end well…

I cant stand going back for something if I think I can carry it, even if it’s too heavy or awkward. It was all going really well until I got stuck in the doorway and my washing exploded.
show off

Guess what I want.


Feel it, draw it.

Not sure where she gets that from…
drawing millie

The hardest words.

Myles’ dad died tragically last Thursday night. It is out of respect that I haven’t posted for a few days as we are grieving terribly and it is a very hard time for us as a family.
Telling them was incredibly hard.

For a little bit.

Nothing like a good sword fight to unwind after a day in the office eh Myles?
little bit


There’s a lot more arms and legs these days but they still manage it!
hugs mar 2015

You’ll have to go through my dog if you want to pick a fight.

Yes Mr nasty, barky German Shepherd dog, this cat has his own dog,(and human to open the door).
arnies protector

Happy St David’s Day.

The kids have compiled our list of the best things about Wales. Can’t fault them!
st davids day 2015

Little chocolate eggs with a toy inside…

Oh god, I’ve spent half an hour trying to assemble a little plastic car complete with little plastic stickers to induce this screaming meltdown of disappointed five year old.
i dont want this one


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