Big stick, little stick.

I’ve been wondering why my bush has been slowly getting smaller…

big stick little stick

Secret sword stash.

Gruff keeps his collection of swords under his bed. Evie has dinosaurs and dolls, Millie has enough books to raise her bed up higher than her ceiling.
Personally, I would like to stash jaffa cakes but my children’s keen nose would sniff them out.
Secret sword stash

Home time.

They’re home!
home time


Oi! Stop playing with my dog’s toys and no going near my chickens!

Bye bye…

…and off he went, just like that, wearing a big uniform and a smile.
All three in school all day.
gruffs first day at school

High school.

Scary day but Millie survived with a big smile. I think she’ll be just fine.
Just Gruff’s first full day in school tomorrow and Evie starts back too.
high school

Hit the beach!

It’s the only thing to do when you’ve got impending school days ahead!
hit the beach

Getting ready…

…for big school. We’ll have words about the top thing on Wednesday. I think he’s ready though.
getting ready

Garden Daleks.

We’ve just watched Dr Who tonight in our garden with a battered old projector and an old gazebo. Daleks in our garden, fabulous!
garden daleks

Getting ready.

Ironing on name tapes. Ironing small uniforms, ironing larger high school uniforms.
Next week all of my children will be in school all day.
All day.
getting ready-2


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