Happy birthday to my little sparkler.
five today

Birthday eve.

It’s Gruff’s fifth birthday tomorrow, he is so excited. No, he is beyond excited. He is in the beyond excited realm that little boys go to on the eve of their birthday.
Please, please go to sleep, I have presents to wrap!
birthday eve

Pillow pet.

I haven’t the heart to move them.
CAT pillow2jpg

Come home please.

Bonnie is a rescue dog, she still isn’t brilliant at being left so I try to keep leaving her to a minimum.
Some days I have to go out without her, she has her open crate to curl up in and often, if she’s lucky, Arnie will snooze in the computer chair in the same room.
If they talked, I wonder what they would say to each other?
Probably not much, Arnie isn’t talkative…
where is everybody

Sparklers, bangers and fireworks.

You can’t see four foot in front of you in foggy Swansea tonight from all the fireworks being let off. You just need to stand in your back garden and look up. We’ve had a fire and devoured half a tonne of sausages. Great fun.
bonfire night 2014


My animals don’t like fireworks and nor should they. They’ll be locked up safe and warm tomorrow night.



Write me a letter.

Gruff has been writing letters.
A letter to Auntie Lizzie (requesting a sleepover), a letter to Grandma (asking if he could come and play), and a maze for me to find my way out of.
write me a letter


I was going to tell you about the amazing day we had going to Bristol zoo and how we saw lions, held giant spiders, saw gorillas and chased butterflies.
Unfortunately, it all started to go downhill on the journey home. The car ground to a halt just after we crossed the Severn bridge in a hour long contraflow of boredom and bumper chasing.
Finally, with just two minutes to our house, Evie decided to spectacularly projectile vomit over her father.
A few hours later with children in bed and beer drunk, my only thought is sleep and lots of it.

puky child

Having a mum as an illustrator at Halloween.

Hahahahahaha I have face paints, let me at them!
halloween millie 2014


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