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Hello Autumn, I’m ready for you.


Hold onto those ears Bonnie…


Good stick hunting.


Is it still summer then?

Evie is ever defiant.
is it still summer

The day before tomorrow.

Getting the lunches ready for our return to school tomorrow. Uniforms are hanging ominously ironed and neat upstairs.
I’m already wearing mine…jeans, t-shirt, trainers and a wearied smile.
packing lunch

All the leaves are brown.


And it wasn’t me…


For goodness sake it’s too bloody early, go away and give us a few more weeks of summer please!

Feeding the pigeons…

…and the chickens, the ducks, rabbits, geese, ponies, and fish….we fed them all!

Equal days and nights.

Here we go, into the abyss of Welsh winters.

What’s that? You cant tell the difference between summer and winter? Winter’s the one where we wear less clothing as it rains less.

Bugger the cold, it’s dry!


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