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A pocketfull of shells,…

sand, stones and seaweed…smuggled home from the beach. I was wondering why Gruff was being so quiet on the beach today.
pocket fulls


We discovered lots of jellyfish washed up on Three Cliff’s Beach today.
Bonnie thought they were things to be played with and the girls thought they were great.
Gruff is still coming round to the idea of holding one.


How can you persuade a dripping, golden yeti off your picnic blanket?
You can’t, he is in love with your dog and no amount of sandy food will come between them.
Towel anyone?
golden yeti

The beach is in my lunchbag.

Evie’s had a school trip to the beach. I just hope she’s left enough of it behind for others to enjoy.
bach in my lunchbag



Let’s go fly…

… a kite. There we are then, that was exciting.

Last one into the water is a sissy…

…or very very sensible!

A baltic picnic.

Freezing cold sandy sandwiches. Fun though!


The sandstorm.

A bracing January walk on the beach complete with sandstorm and stropping three year old.
Well that really cheered everyone up.


I believe stinky is the best word to sum up our beach walk (minus children) this afternoon.
If there is even a small morsel of something rotten on the beach, Bonnie will find it.
And then she will eat it.
And then I will have fish burps all the way home in the car.


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