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Millie’s party.

Celebrating your birthday with the most lovely bunch of friends, absolutely priceless!
Oh and Bonnie was allowed out at the end to hoover up the jelly…
party time may 2014


I’ve been making Millie’s birthday cake for her party tomorrow.
It’s got character, I’ll bet it tastes nice too…I hope….
cakey cakey

Screen kisses.

Lost on my lot!
more kissing in movies

Candles and cake…

…have been waiting for me when I got back from my weekend away, slice anyone?

Mummy is forty today…

…please bring her wine and stand well back…
i am forty

There be pirates…

Gruff had a pirate ship for his birthday, it’s great for getting rid of Evie’s surplus dolly stock.

Best party, ever.

best party

If I knew you were coming…

…I’d have baked a birthday cake!
baked a cake



Daddy’s birthday.

Cards, cake and a walk to the beach, the sun always shines on Daddy’s birthday.

daddys birthday


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