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Screen kisses.

Lost on my lot!
more kissing in movies

Candles and cake…

…have been waiting for me when I got back from my weekend away, slice anyone?

Mummy is forty today…

…please bring her wine and stand well back…
i am forty

There be pirates…

Gruff had a pirate ship for his birthday, it’s great for getting rid of Evie’s surplus dolly stock.

Best party, ever.

best party

If I knew you were coming…

…I’d have baked a birthday cake!
baked a cake



Daddy’s birthday.

Cards, cake and a walk to the beach, the sun always shines on Daddy’s birthday.

daddys birthday

Ten years old.

Your turn to make a wish now, I got mine ten years ago. Happy birthday lovely.


Happy Birthday.

Gruff is three today, blow those candles out and make a wish!


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