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Only a cat…

…could sleep hanging off the edge of the bed. Comfy Arnie?
only a acat

A moment with the cat.

You’re never alone with your thoughts with a cat are you?
a moment

Spots darling…

…they are so in.



Duvet thief.

Evie was a little cold in bed last night, Arnie, however, was awake for about 2 hours yesterday.
What a life.
duvet thief

Look at me.

If my lot have spent too much time on their games consoles I simply send for re-enforcements.
Release the cat!
send in the cat

Not on the guest list.

Sorry Gruff. This party invite is just for Evie, she’ll be back soon and you know how good she is with sharing party bags.
party pooper

Stay cool…

…there’s a cat next to you.
stay cool

Cat versus chicken.

Arnie, our cat, has worked out if he keeps still, the chickens won’t peck him and he can chicken watch to his heart’s content.
cat vs chicken

Like a skyscraper…

…of folded washing. Hold fast Arnie.


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