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Cleaning time.

Always a little strange when Arnie sits upright and cleans his belly…
clean cat


Tricky things to put on unless they are permanently attached to your feet….

Happy New Year.

Another one eh? Where did the last one go? Arnie doesn’t remember, he slept through most of it.

Stand in.

Arnie’s standing in tonight as it’s been just one of those days. Over to you Arnie, tell them the one about the time you got stuck on the roof…for two days and how me just barely pregnant with Gruff, scaled my neighbours back wall to get you down.
over to Arnie

Read me a bedtime cat please.

Get off the book Arnie or the Gruffalo will get you…
bedtime cat story

Tree hugger.

tree hugger

Snooze button.

Wake up Evie or the cat will evict you off your pillow!
snooze button

A quiet moment.

Get comfy I said, just have a quiet moment.
quiet moment


I really couldn’t make this up. I have no idea where he got this from but he assures me it’s very comfortable.
boy imitates cat

Who’s behind the door?

It’s the cat, he’s been expecting you.
Wait another couple of hours if you like but there’s no way he’s budging first.
whats behind the door


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