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If you build it…

…birds will come.

if you build it

The sound of music.

The gorgeous sound of food sizzling on a hot barbecue. Eagerly guarded too.

Get off my sketchbook.

get off

Fought and lost.

Arnie’s been licking his fighting wounds today. I don’t think he won.
fought and lost


fluffy apr 2015

Come dine with Evie.

come dine

I’m not your friend.

You took me to the vets, I hate you and I will not speak to you until dinner time (when you will feed me lots because you are feeling guilty).
vets 2015

Bathe with a cat.

One of these days I’m sure he’s going to jump in.
bath with a cat

The sun’s out.

suns out

While you were sleeping.

while you were sleeping


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