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Pillow pet.

A halo of feline purriness to send you to sleep.
cat versus boy


Oh yes, we love anything fluffy, cute and cuddly in our house! Enjoy!

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It cometh…

…the harbinger of lego doom, fear me!

Welcome to July.

No don’t bother, don’t even look outside, turn back now. Go and curl up somewhere warm and dry.
july 2015

New pillow…

…now owned by the cat…
new pillow cat


Hard life, isn’t it Arnie?

Flying fur and ants.

Arnie is moulting at the moment and his fur has been happily taking to the breeze today along with thousands of flying ants. A lovely combination don’t you think?
flying fur

Water hole.

It never fails to amaze me how Arnie likes to drink out of Bonnie’s water bowl and how Bonnie is always happy to let him. She never growls at him, she knows who the boss is in this house.
bonnie and arnie and the water bowl

If you build it…

…birds will come.

if you build it

The sound of music.

The gorgeous sound of food sizzling on a hot barbecue. Eagerly guarded too.


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