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…He-Man. You had a great name and you lived up to it with your beady eyed stare and your enormous loud presence.
We will all miss you.

rip he man


He-man is not himself, in fact he is currently very very ill. I’m hoping the antibiotics the vet has given me will help him but I’m not sure how I’ll find him in the morning. He’s currently in isolation as he is struggling for every breath.
Poor boy.
poor rooster

Chicken hat.

It’s finished! Bet the suspense was killing you…
chicken hat

Feeding the chickens.

Asking chickens to form an orderly queue when there’s dandelions involved is quite an impossible task!
chickens and gruff

Inside the nest box.

We’re getting lots of eggs at the moment so it must mean spring has arrived. We’re hoping one of our ladies will brood a clutch of our own eggs this year and hopefully we’ll have some new arrivals for our flock.
inside the nest box

Cat versus chicken.

Arnie, our cat, has worked out if he keeps still, the chickens won’t peck him and he can chicken watch to his heart’s content.
cat vs chicken


treasure feather


He-man has the sniffles, he’s on the mend but he’s been feeling very sorry for himself. All this rain hasn’t helped, the poor dude hasn’t had time to dry out in months.
cockerel sneezes

Big daddy.

He-man, our cockerel, is getting pretty big. He’s still very gentle to handle and hopefully, we may make a father out of him next year. (If one of his ladies is willing to sit on the eggs).


This new hen was meant to be a female, but it decided to start crowing, (instead of laying eggs) while we were on holiday.
The kids have named him He-Man.
He is huge and very, very hen-pecked by his ladies.
he man


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