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Fresh eggs…

…just been laid, still warm. From chicken to table in under twenty minutes. Bargain.
fresh eggs

Egg collecting.

One of our chicks has laid her first egg today. Very exciting!
first egg

An update on the chicks.

Butter and Ninja, our chicks, are nearly sixteen weeks old now. Their little surrogate Mum, Matilda, is still taking the job very seriously and although they are rather quite big now, they’re very happy to follow her around all day. She also protects them from our other hens who will give them a sneaky peck now and again if Mum isn’t watching.
We did think for a bit we have one girl and one boy but as there is no signs of any male feathering on either of them and their combs are still quite pale, so it looks as though we have two lovely girls.
Just a case of waiting for those first eggs which should appear in the next couple of months.

chicks at 16 weeks old


Tonight all my hens decided it was a good idea to squeeze themselves into the nest box and not roost on the roosting perch.

Chicks update.

Butter and Ninja, our chicks, are now six weeks old. They still cheep like chicks but are looking more like mini adult chickens now. They are almost fully feathered and being mixed breeds are looking quite colourful.
I’m still not too sure what we have but my guess is they are both girls. Time will tell.
chicks at 6 weeks

Meet your mother…

That awkward chat show moment when you meet your biological mother who laid you as an egg but left you to be incubated by another…
meet your mother


Evie’s moment came this afternoon when the little black chick, Ninja decided that if it was alright for mum to feed out of her hand then it was safe for it to do so too.
The smile on her face was worth ten Christmases.
feeding chickies

Butter and Ninja.

The chicks are now two weeks old. I insisted that we don’t name these chicks until we know their sex but that seems to have fallen by the wayside because the kids have found a way around that.
I won’t insult your intelligence by pointing out who is who.
butter and ninja

A girl, a chicken and a feather.


Keeping mum.

Matilda will stay in her own little house for the next few weeks as the chicks grow a little bigger, they are currently the size of golf balls!
We’ve sectioned off part of the pen so that the other hens can’t come and see them for the time being. This is so the chicks stay safe in case some of the other hens take a dislike to them.
Everyone is smitten with them, they ludicrously fluffy and very inquisitive, jumping all over poor mum. Matilda is doing a sterling job and they have had a lesson in scratching and eating today. The chicks spend most of their time hidden, folded inside Matilda’s warm feathers.

Matildas chicks


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