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Sing along…

…if you have Mum’s headphones and you have no idea how loud your singing is.

Put down your tea…

…it’s hugging time.
hugging time


Fair play, that’s a decent list, I think Santa can work with this. Although as we already have an enormous fluffy hedgehog in our house, two would be a bit of a squeeze…

Gold, Frankenstein and something else.

It’s nativity time! A wonderful performance by all the children. Da iawn!

Read me a bedtime cat please.

Get off the book Arnie or the Gruffalo will get you…
bedtime cat story

Going out.

going out

Do not disturb.

Will be woken after six o’ clock for biscuits.


…advent calendars are amazing. Why don’t I have one? I may have to remedy that…
advent calendars

Decorate the halls…

…oh, hello December what brings you around here so quickly. I’m feeling a little unprepared for you this year. No panic, there’s a full 576 hours to go.
decorate the halls

Snooze button.

Wake up Evie or the cat will evict you off your pillow!
snooze button


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