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An audience.

A very appreciative audience that knows that if they wait long enough, there will be spillages…
waiting for ice crea

Fall stopped play.

A quick knee check just in case a plaster is needed!
fall stopped play

Where did you get that hat?

Gruff’s new to this Easter Bonnet thing so Evie’s been giving him some pointers on how to look cool with a giant chicken on your head.
Oh and by the way, big thanks to our chickens for the generous donations of lovely feathers!


Even superheroes need baths.


Chicken hat.

It’s finished! Bet the suspense was killing you…
chicken hat


We have been painting out Easter creations today…they’re going to sit on top of our Easter Bonnets for the big parade in school later on this week.
sticky 2

A sticky situation.

For Easter, Evie is creating something out of paper mache this year, actually so are Millie and Gruff, it’s just Evie who is managing to glue herself to her project…

Spots darling…

…they are so in.

Treasure hunting in the woods.

Treasure found:
A lit bonfire, five sticks, seven assorted stones, one leaf.
Treasure taken home in bag;
Assorted stones
No sticks (all chewed by dog), no bonfire, (too big and fire safety hazard to move and transport in car), no leaf (too boring).

Duvet thief.

Evie was a little cold in bed last night, Arnie, however, was awake for about 2 hours yesterday.
What a life.
duvet thief


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