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The nose picker.

nose picker

The hair chewer.

hair chewer

Growing up.

When did this happen? High school has put inches on my girl.
growing up

The dark.

I can’t switch off the dark lovely, I can’t switch off your imagination either.
I can put a little light on for you, leave the door open too.
There is a cat that rather likes to sleep on your bed who will keep you company.
It’ll be light very soon.
the dark

Good morning.

Slept well I trust?
sticky uppy hair


I’d just like to point out that all offending, noisy articles have been banned from the room until Millie’s homework is finished.

Mum runner.

I ran my first 10k race today and I completed it in a time I’m very proud of. (1 hour and nine minutes) It was the first time I’d ever attempted this distance too.
The Admiral Swansea Bay 10k is a beautiful run that takes you all the way up to the Mumbles and back, and I made it. The kids and Myles were there to wave me in at the end.


Egg collecting.

One of our chicks has laid her first egg today. Very exciting!
first egg

Nine o’clock in the morning.

The short walk to freedom…
9 oclock

The eyes…

Evie has been making pom-pom creatures tonight. She’s made quite a lot of them and has left them to dry on the table.
I’ve been twitching all night as I just can’t shake the feeling I’m being watched…
boggly eyes


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