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Summer art school.

Lesson one: Paint on what you see.
summer art school

No one to play with.

Perhaps we’ll start by letting go of the football first shall we?
no one will play football

I love this book.

i love this book

Prom girl.

Millie graduated from her primary school today with a lovely leavers assembly followed by a prom, (with limousines, DJ and buffet).
She has literally blossomed in front of our eyes over the last two years in her new school and to say how happy we are would be putting it mildly. She received a special award for the most improved pupil.
Just goes to show if you don’t like the path you’re on, bloody well change it!

prom girl

I want to be alone.

I would too if I refused to eat any of my tea and then realised that Mum was serving pink blancmange for pudding…
i want to be alone

New bling.

New hat, new pierced ears. Looking fabulous Millie!



Evie loves her old tatty cat.


And he wasn’t asked either.


Millie has completed her two transition days for the comprehensive school she’ll be attending in September.
I dropped her off by a lane outside the school so she could walk in with her friends, (no waving allowed).
She got lost twice, managed the canteen and actually thinks it’ll do just fine as her new school.
And now I can breathe…
big times


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