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One republic.

Fair point Gruff, I think pirates in Buckingham palace would be very entertaining indeed!
one republic

Ninja club.

Trained by the cat in the art of stealth and all things ninja…
ninja club

Space trousers.

Nasa have got it all wrong, all you need to go into space is a decent pair of space trousers…
space trousers

The stick collection.

A collection of prize specimen sticks, rare editions and avant garde pieces. Just don’t let the dog get her gnashers on them…

stick collection

Come dine with Evie.

come dine

Sound effects.

sound effects

Letter of love.

love letter

A good day.

You know it’s been a good day when they come home looking like this…
a good dayin school

Still life.

Robots are awfully rubbish to draw with and I don’t recommend footballs either. Thanks for the thought though Gruff.
power ranger and pens

Bathe with a cat.

One of these days I’m sure he’s going to jump in.
bath with a cat


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