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Wrapping paper.

Can somebody tell me how to carry rolls of wrapping paper without looking like a drunk giraffe?
wrapping paper

Don’t blink…

Millie has told Evie and Gruff that there is a weeping angel at the top of the tree…
weeping tree angel-2


Fair play, that’s a decent list, I think Santa can work with this. Although as we already have an enormous fluffy hedgehog in our house, two would be a bit of a squeeze…


Off to bed, feeling very sorry for myself. Bah humbug.

Tree hugger.

tree hugger


…advent calendars are amazing. Why don’t I have one? I may have to remedy that…
advent calendars

Decorate the halls…

…oh, hello December what brings you around here so quickly. I’m feeling a little unprepared for you this year. No panic, there’s a full 576 hours to go.
decorate the halls

Running with tree.

Yes running very fast with the Christmas tree out the back door so it doesn’t shed too many needles over everything.
Bloody thing fought me every step of the way.
tree running

Santa’s been!

A very happy Christmas to you all and remember, a sprout is not just for Christmas, it will probably be around until about New Year when your kids will celebrate their demise…
santas been

Every good boy…

…deserves a visit from Father Christmas, (especially one that tidy their toys away).
good boy


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