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Running with tree.

Yes running very fast with the Christmas tree out the back door so it doesn’t shed too many needles over everything.
Bloody thing fought me every step of the way.
tree running

Santa’s been!

A very happy Christmas to you all and remember, a sprout is not just for Christmas, it will probably be around until about New Year when your kids will celebrate their demise…
santas been

Every good boy…

…deserves a visit from Father Christmas, (especially one that tidy their toys away).
good boy

Christmas cake.

Baked and iced by Mum, decorated by the kids. Can you tell?

I’m Santa…

…no, I’m Santa.
Everyone wants to be Santa but we know there’s only one and it won’t be long now…
Im Santa

Mary the fairy…

…is again sitting on top of our Christmas tree!
tree 2013


…no Evie it is still not Christmas yet…


…a time of waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting….
xmas yet


It’s that time of year again? Oh flip, I hope Father Christmas has put me on the good list…more moleskines please!

I am the King.

Loving my first nativity concert of the year am breaking open the mince pies early to celebrate…


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