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The sound of music.

The gorgeous sound of food sizzling on a hot barbecue. Eagerly guarded too.

In the greenhouse.

This year I’m growing dog…
grwoing dog

Selfie with Rose wine and dog.

Happy Friday.

Belly hugs.

belly hugs

While you were sleeping.

while you were sleeping

Lego sweeper.

That tail…
lego sweeper

Guess what I want.


You’ll have to go through my dog if you want to pick a fight.

Yes Mr nasty, barky German Shepherd dog, this cat has his own dog,(and human to open the door).
arnies protector

Talking the animals for a walk.

Arnie is always waiting for us to return from the park. He likes to do the final few metres with the dog. It’s funny how things have changed from when we first got Bonnie. Now, he’ll happily drink out of her water bowl without any fuss.
walking the animals

Lesson learned.

Bonnie caught the scent of another dog whilst we were out on our walk today. She raced towards a large hedge and ploughed straight in to say hello and came out with her tail between her legs followed by a very, large german shepherd dog.
That’ll learn you…
lesson learned


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