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I came, I saw, I lounged.

Sunday, a hive of activity.
i came i saw i lounged

The six am wake up dog.

Because it’s thunder and lightning outside and if she curls up small enough, Evie might think it’s the cat…
scared doggie

Grumbly skies.

I’ve always loved thunder, I used to get so excited if I was woken up in the night with flashes of lightning and would count the seconds until the thunder rumbled in.
So I didn’t need much encouragement tonight to take Bonnie for her walk, although I don’t think she was as impressed as I was.

Take me to the mud.

Bonnie found the first muddy patch of the autumn today, a pig couldn’t have been happier than she was…

take me to the mud

Where’s my bread?

where's my bread

You shouldn’t have…

…no really it’s too much. How on earth did you know?
you shouldnt have

My bowl’s fuller than your bowl.

I’m sorry Bonnie, Arnie does not share and does not do re-fills.
my bowl's fuller than your bowl

Lazy bones.

She drags me to the park, poos in the grass, I throw her ball and that’s Bonnie done in for the afternoon.
What a life…


Let’s play frisbee!

….ah…perhaps not.

Big stick, little stick.

I’ve been wondering why my bush has been slowly getting smaller…

big stick little stick


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