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Talking the animals for a walk.

Arnie is always waiting for us to return from the park. He likes to do the final few metres with the dog. It’s funny how things have changed from when we first got Bonnie. Now, he’ll happily drink out of her water bowl without any fuss.
walking the animals

Lesson learned.

Bonnie caught the scent of another dog whilst we were out on our walk today. She raced towards a large hedge and ploughed straight in to say hello and came out with her tail between her legs followed by a very, large german shepherd dog.
That’ll learn you…
lesson learned

The watering hole.

I have never known a dog that drinks as noisily as Bonnie. She makes a drainage machine sound polite.
watering hole

There’s no place like crate.

no place like crate


Call me childish but running past Bonnie and overtaking her, really gets on her nerves, (snigger).

Dog on a mission.

Who’s taking who for a walk today Bonnie? Some days you would think she has never, ever come across another dog before! Slow down!
dog on a mission


Bonnie is an expert at pilfering my handbag. I really should learn by now not to leave it on the chair in the room she sleeps in when I go out.
Today’s items recovered from the pilferer’s crate were two odd gloves ( well they’re black, no one notices when I wear them and I’m sure the other matching two are in the hallway), and a hat.
Maybe tomorrow I should leave a rak of clothes for her to browse through?


Fudge is a young sheepdog and she loves to play with Bonnie in the park. When the opportunity arises, Fudge likes nothing better than to steal Bonnie’s ball and spend the next twenty minutes or so prancing around in front of her with her prize.

Black dog Friday.

A lovely antidote to going out and killing for a television is to hug a black dog. All better now?
black friday

A quiet moment.

Get comfy I said, just have a quiet moment.
quiet moment


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