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An audience.

A very appreciative audience that knows that if they wait long enough, there will be spillages…
waiting for ice crea

Getting comfy.

I’m typing this post while Bonnie is snoring happily in her crate, surrounded by a large blanket that she dragged in there today while my back was turned….

Treasure hunting in the woods.

Treasure found:
A lit bonfire, five sticks, seven assorted stones, one leaf.
Treasure taken home in bag;
Assorted stones
No sticks (all chewed by dog), no bonfire, (too big and fire safety hazard to move and transport in car), no leaf (too boring).

Not on the guest list.

Sorry Gruff. This party invite is just for Evie, she’ll be back soon and you know how good she is with sharing party bags.
party pooper

Stay cool…

…there’s a cat next to you.
stay cool


That’s right Bonnie, there is always some dog bigger than you!

Bounceless ball.

It’s not going to bounce any more. I’m so sorry Bonnie, please stop giving me those eyes, I really can’t heal shredded tennis balls once they’re mauled by you.


…is ball shaped!

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Legs and company.



Yes, our dog is a secret yoga master.


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