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Back to school.

Off they go after another whirlwind summer of wellies, camping and not knowing what weekday it was. Inches taller, me poorer and the house looking like an explosion in a toy factory.

I hope to see some smiles this afternoon when they all return…

school time

Jurassic picnic.

We took our dinosaurs to the beach this afternoon. Nothing like a good game of “Storm the castle” with a T-Rex…

dinosaurs on the beach


What on earth happened? Who put inches on my children? Am I shrinking?
grown up


Bonnie found a football in our local park. A half deflated greying thing. Love at first sight.

Pillow pet.

A halo of feline purriness to send you to sleep.
cat versus boy


We’ve just got back from two weeks away and that means two weeks worth of washing to catch up on, what fun….
wash a geddon


Our best adventures.

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Nighty night.

Are you feeling sleepy yet?

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Little artists.

We all love to make pictures in our house so here’s a compilation of our greatest works,

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Mischief abounds!

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