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Heating’s on.

I caved, it’s always better to turn the heating on before you see your own breath…



Arnie loves to watch the toilet being flushed. I’m relieved that someone other than me can actually flush the toilet in our house…

Books can give you ideas.

Gruff has taken that one literally…
books are useful

I ‘aint got nobody.

no one will play with me


…lots of them, towers of bread. I sliced through eight rounds tonight in one go, living dangerously…

Roller skating.

Ow, ow, ow!
rollar skating

Wet cat.

Here he comes, expecting a lap to dry out on…
wet wet wet


I absolutely agree Evie!

War Dance.

The Rugby World Cup is on at the moment and Wales are currently doing very well for themselves. I felt quite inspired by the New Zealand Haka and the Fiji War Dance.
I thought I’d try a little one myself, great for getting things done around the house…
war dance

The artists’s curse.

You can’t escape it Millie, you’ll have to explain yourself!
the artists curse


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