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Chickens and me.

I even had an egg laid in gratitude for me cleaning out their house. What appreciation!
cleaning out the coop


I’m so sorry Evie, you didn’t dream it, it is Monday.
mondayitis 2

The watering hole.

I have never known a dog that drinks as noisily as Bonnie. She makes a drainage machine sound polite.
watering hole

Friday love.

For Millie, the homework is done and the weekend stretches out in front of you like an eternity. Bliss.
friday love

Cleaning time.

Always a little strange when Arnie sits upright and cleans his belly…
clean cat

The silent treatment.

I put Evie’s hair in bunches this morning. It was the wrong decision…
silent treatment


Tricky things to put on unless they are permanently attached to your feet….

Ice pictures.

It’s hard to stay focused on scraping the ice off the car when the kids are shouting, “draw me a vampire!”
It could catch on as long as you can drive safely….
ice carving

Still life.

still life


Millie’s off on an adventure weekend with her school tomorrow. It’s going to be cold so I’ve packed loads…


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