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Getting ready.

Ironing on name tapes. Ironing small uniforms, ironing larger high school uniforms.
Next week all of my children will be in school all day.
All day.
getting ready-2

Lions go…

We’ve had a lovely day seeing the lions at the zoo, baby meercats, and lots and lots of lemurs.

An update on the chicks.

Butter and Ninja, our chicks, are nearly sixteen weeks old now. Their little surrogate Mum, Matilda, is still taking the job very seriously and although they are rather quite big now, they’re very happy to follow her around all day. She also protects them from our other hens who will give them a sneaky peck now and again if Mum isn’t watching.
We did think for a bit we have one girl and one boy but as there is no signs of any male feathering on either of them and their combs are still quite pale, so it looks as though we have two lovely girls.
Just a case of waiting for those first eggs which should appear in the next couple of months.

chicks at 16 weeks old

Super squirrel.

Yes the squirrel who decided to play dead on our bedroom windowsill from morning until evening. Who, after some coaching with a strategically placed fishing net, flew down the sheer face of our house and bounded off at full speed along our road, (narrowly avoiding a few cars and a gang of teenagers), before diving into some bushes.
What a rodent.
squirrel vertigo

Eat your greens.

Bonnie loves eating grass, she especially likes the long blades as they look the most impressive when I see them second time around…




Evie has been trilling away to herself all afternoon. I’ve never heard anything like it!
tra la laa

Back home.

Gruff’s not coping well with being back in his bedroom on his own. I keep finding him in Evie’s room, fast asleep, with a cat snoozing on top.

two in the bed

Green Man 2014.

I’m at the Green Man for the next week. Obviously signal strength (and beer) may affect my posts! I don’t think I’ll be able to post much till I get back next week but rest assured, I will be drawing!


The boy who went up a mountain…

…and came down for cake.


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