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The eyes…

Evie has been making pom-pom creatures tonight. She’s made quite a lot of them and has left them to dry on the table.
I’ve been twitching all night as I just can’t shake the feeling I’m being watched…
boggly eyes



Intruder alert!

A great, big, fluffy intruder slunk his way onto our roof tonight. He was really friendly and very, very fluffy (much to Evie’s delight).
So I decided to open the window to pat him and forgot I had a cat too…
Big, fluffy intruder cat is now cowering in our next door neighbours garden and Arnie is back to snoozing on Evie’s bed.
intruder alert#



Let’s play frisbee!

….ah…perhaps not.


This is the month of spiders. There is a lot of them around this year, big ones too.
Very big ones…
I don’t mind them myself but my kids don’t seem too fond, (nor is Myles come to think of it).

A good day.

Call it a mother’s intuition but sometimes I can just tell they’ve had a great day in school…
a good day


Monday-itis has struck once again. One poorly boy with a roaring temperature and a gloriously sunny day outside.


Big stick, little stick.

I’ve been wondering why my bush has been slowly getting smaller…

big stick little stick

Secret sword stash.

Gruff keeps his collection of swords under his bed. Evie has dinosaurs and dolls, Millie has enough books to raise her bed up higher than her ceiling.
Personally, I would like to stash jaffa cakes but my children’s keen nose would sniff them out.
Secret sword stash


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