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The icy cold water of our paddling pool is perfect for making lovely heart shaped prints all over the garden.

Made from the bottom of his bottom.

Just charming.


Get off my sketchbook.

get off

It’s a big bed.

You can spread out a little you know.
big bed


No I’m not packing my children off to a faraway country away from nasty Tories, just a little sleepover at their Auntie’s. Obviously they’re well prepared and I can see a little bit of my floor again…

Sticky uppy hair.

All the rage, don’t fight it, embrace it. Neat hair lasts two seconds in our house before someone comes along and ruffs it a bit to fit in with the rest of us scruffs.

The hand on the beach.

We played fetch with a rubber glove that Bonnie found on the beach this afternoon. If that wasn’t strange enough, the glove had filled with wet sand so it felt like throwing a hand. (Not that I know what throwing a hand feels like)…..
We decided that it was not coming home with us but best left on the beach for someone else to rediscover….
the hand

Happy birthday oh cool one.

Yeah you with the cool t-shirt, cool hat and trainers and having a whale of time shooting your friends at Laserzone. Good on you, good on you for just being your fabulous self. Keep it up, your immensely proud and most uncool mother.
cool millie at 12

Ninja club.

Trained by the cat in the art of stealth and all things ninja…
ninja club

In the greenhouse.

This year I’m growing dog…
grwoing dog


fluffy apr 2015


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