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Things to do on holiday. Part two.

Use up all of the kitchen foil and glue and become a very shiny robot.
robot girl

Things to do on holiday. Part one.

Make wings and spend all day attempting to fly off various high points in the house whilst terrifying your parents…
little wings

Tall enough for eggs.

Gruff has grown a full inch since April this year which means he can now lift the lid to the nest boxes, reach his hand in and feel for an eggs. Hopefully he won’t get a grumpy peck!
tall enough for eggs

Welcome to July.

No don’t bother, don’t even look outside, turn back now. Go and curl up somewhere warm and dry.
july 2015

New pillow…

…now owned by the cat…
new pillow cat

The best bit about baking…

…is licking the bowl clean! My lot love to taste the cake mixture, you know you’re going to get a good cake when it tastes good.
cake mix


Hard life, isn’t it Arnie?

New pillow…

new pillow

Let the summer holidays commence…

schools out 2015-1

Nearly there.

The countdown is on until the last day of school before the summer holidays. It’s been a long time coming for Millie.
nearly there


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