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Cat lifting.

Evie can lift a whole cat these days…

The way he tells them.

Gruff has decided to tell us his own made up jokes. It keeps him amused for hours!

Sword boy strikes again.

Don’t think I can’t see you leaping off my sofa!
sword fun

Welcome to summer.


Lazy bones.

Have sun, will worship…

A fight with a hippo.

I think you won. Good morning Evie.
words fail me

Happy World Book Day!

Do you know who Evie’s favourite character from her favourite book is?

world book day

Pack Horse.

The slow trudge home from school just got slower now that Gruff is out of the pram and walking too. The only drawback, is that there’s no where to put the coats, bags, hats, lunch boxes, kitchen sinks,..etc that the girls bring home from school each day!

We also have our little stalker Arnie that lies in wait at the top of the road, waiting for the return of his little clan.


Exploitation of who eh?

Puddles on the floor.

Well, it’s a change to nappies isn’t it?


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