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Spring 2015

The hose pipe.

I count myself lucky that our children have got to the ages of 11, 6 and 4 years before they realised what would happen if they picked up the hose pipe.
Today was that day….
hose pipe

Where should I put the hedge trimmings?

hedge trimmings

A Grand Tour…

…of the garden, courtesy of big sister.

A Garden Visitor.

Hang on a minute, isn’t that the dog’s job?
And no we are not keeping it as a pet.

Let’s have a Parade!

Just add paper, a stick, a scarf, a toy dog and an assortment of willing paraders and you’re off.

Something’s eating my tomatoes.

It’s been a bad year for pests in the garden…

Water Feature.

Better than a fountain, keeps the kids entertained and the garden watered.

Wiggly Woo.

Digging for Treasure.

Well there’ll definitely have to be treasure after digging a hole that big in the garden, Bonnie.
Or maybe she’s being kind and digging a huge hole for me to hide in after the rubbish day I’ve had.


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