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Half and half…

…half plaits and half bunches. Nice one Mum.
half and half


We’ve all had hair cuts, some more than others…
autumn haircuts


Some days you can tell they’re related just by their hair.
hair siblings




You can just see that family resemblance so clearly some days…



Millie wakes up every morning with her hair in one enormous knot.
I have decided to name the knot Gertrude.
Gertrude was particularly stubborn this morning, but we saw her off with some persistent brushing.

Hair Dryer.

Sunday night is bath night.
Time to blast that hair dry!


Gruff went to a proper Barber’s shop today for a trim.
Maybe it was a male influence but he sat like an angel.

Short back and sides.

Brace, brace, brace and please cut as fast as possible before my little wriggler decides to escape from Delilah’s grasp!

Morning Hair.

Amy Winehouse would shudder if she lived in my house in the morning. Come here and have your hair brushed!


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