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Our best adventures.

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Nighty night.

Are you feeling sleepy yet?

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Little artists.

We all love to make pictures in our house so here’s a compilation of our greatest works,

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Mischief abounds!

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Oh yes, we love anything fluffy, cute and cuddly in our house! Enjoy!

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A slideshow of mess, noise and fun!

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Babies, babies, babies.

I have three children. I never wanted children when I was in my twenties. I was very set against the thought of being responsible for another life when I was so completely rubbish at my own.

But I changed my mind, I think my mum’s death when I was twenty seven played a major part in that decision.

So came Millie, then Evie and then Gruff and my world turned inside out, upside down and booted me out of my own little comfort sphere of just me myself and I.

I don’t think I would be drawing as much if I didn’t have them!

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Cats and dogs.

Arnie and Bonnie are our pet cat and dog. They are very much part of our family and life would certainly be so dull but less hairier without them!
They are both rescue animals who have found their forever home with us.

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Looking back.

I have well over a thousand drawings on this blog and I thought it would be interesting to revisit some blog posts from previous years over the next couple of weeks.
There are so many and I thought it would be nice for me to pick some of my favourites and maybe ones you haven’t seen before.
I started the blog back in August 2010 when Gruff was only nine months old, Evie was two and Millie seven.
We hadn’t even got Bonnie then and life was very much a day to day battle to find a few hours decent sleep!
The blog was and still is a way of capturing my family’s day to day in drawn form. I use pen and I draw straight into my sketchbook.
My drawing style has evolved since 2010 but alas my washing pile has too!
I hope you enjoy the compilations!

The puppet.

Gruff made a puppet today from cardboard and string. Not your friendliest looking robot puppet…
the puppet


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