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Eye eye.

It looks as though none of my kids will be wearing glasses any time soon. Thankfully Myles’ genes won through on the vision front.
eye eye

I’m not your friend.

You took me to the vets, I hate you and I will not speak to you until dinner time (when you will feed me lots because you are feeling guilty).
vets 2015

Still life.

Robots are awfully rubbish to draw with and I don’t recommend footballs either. Thanks for the thought though Gruff.
power ranger and pens

Bathe with a cat.

One of these days I’m sure he’s going to jump in.
bath with a cat

Selfie with Rose wine and dog.

Happy Friday.

Where have all my bras gone?

Ah my little Whovians. They love a Dr Who alien.

fly people

Easter eggs.

Lots of real Easter eggs! Thanks girls!
easter eggs2015

A little light.

Just enough so the dark isn’t too scary.
little light2

A real unicorn.

The craft box is out for the Easter holidays and so is the imagination!



My head hurts!

profound head hurts


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