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Living the dream.

And I woke myself up to draw this post. That’s how I roll…tea’s gone cold though…

living the dream

Brush well.

Spot the toothbrush chewer.

brush well


Show off.


Remote control.


What goes “Yowl, eek, yowl eek?”

Another live “present” from Arnie. I think my cat is having a mid-life crisis and is busy proving himself at the moment. Nothing beats seeing your dog chase the cat who is chasing a mouse around your living room at nine o’ clock in the evening…
yowl eek

Hair worm.

My vacuum cleaner had one, enormous and two foot long. Forensic reports source its DNA to a cat/dog/human hybrid kind of creature…

hair worm

Worming your cat.

Cat: 1 Hand: Nil.
worming your cat


…is everywhere at the moment, literally.
Gruff has brought home half of our Sunday woodland walk with him, there are acorns in our washing machine, there is a chewed up branch in Bonnie’s crate and Arnie is busy swiping at a giant maple leaf on the floor…
autumn m2015


…lots of them, towers of bread. I sliced through eight rounds tonight in one go, living dangerously…

Hold it down…

…come on Arnie put your paws into it, the washing basket can’t be full again!
hold it down


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