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Blank stares.

Millie is a day dreamer, Myles is one, I’m one too. I’d never tell her not too, I get my best ideas after a good old stare into space.

A quiet moment.

Get comfy I said, just have a quiet moment.
quiet moment

Hats are on.

We had our first frosty morning of the winter today so the hats have come back out. Some new, some old firm favourites and some have just been left in the cupboard because they’re not going to be worn.
hats 2014


I really couldn’t make this up. I have no idea where he got this from but he assures me it’s very comfortable.
boy imitates cat

Ball or stick?

Bonnie has pondered this question for most of today as it has been raining heavily and she hasn’t had much else to do. She is currently asleep on the matter with her ball and stick underneath her.
ball or stick

Pack your lunch…

We do this just before I post my drawing ready for school on the morning.
It saves money for us but it takes time and pleasing everyone is never going to happen.
That’s ok as tomorrow is “Crisp Friday” and everyone gets crisps in their lunch-boxes.
Don’t I know how to make Friday exciting eh?

pack your lunch

Thank you.

Hello, my name is Angie Stevens. I live in a terraced house in Swansea with my husband, three children, a dog, and a cat. We have eight chickens in the garden too. A few years ago I decided to start a blog in an attempt to get myself drawing again and to pull myself back from post-natal depression.

I know, I know loads of you have heard it all before, (yawn ,yawn) but I happened to notice that my number of followers is now over ten thousand tonight.

In the time I have been drawing and writing this blog I have accrued over two thousand drawings. There’s now a lot of sketchbooks filling my house, a lot of memories and happy times now remembered and not forgotten.

Thank you for stopping by, it’s always appreciated.

Who’s behind the door?

It’s the cat, he’s been expecting you.
Wait another couple of hours if you like but there’s no way he’s budging first.
whats behind the door

Save me from Monday.


The board game.

Gruff received a board game for his birthday. The games consoles were swiftly dumped and the three of them have been playing it all afternoon. It’s such a lovely change and nice to see a game that has peaked their interest.
I think Gruff however still needs a bit of work on his losing skills but he’s come a long way from the sheer devastation he showed last year when he lost at happy families…
the board game


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