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…lots of them, towers of bread. I sliced through eight rounds tonight in one go, living dangerously…

Hold it down…

…come on Arnie put your paws into it, the washing basket can’t be full again!
hold it down

You stole the sun.

you stole the sun

Total recall.

Bonnie has selective recall. This means she comes back when SHE wants to and not when I want her too.

This also means if something rancid and rotten has caught her eye and she wants to eat it, there is no force on Earth, no amount of bellowing, screaming, pleading and begging that will bring her back to me until she decides in her doggie wisdom to do so.

Then she will happily bound back to me as if nothing was wrong, leaving me looking like the park banshee (again)…

total recall

Liar liar pants on fire.

I think a talk on telling the truth is due…

liar liar


Our best adventures.

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Nighty night.

Are you feeling sleepy yet?

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Little artists.

We all love to make pictures in our house so here’s a compilation of our greatest works,

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Mischief abounds!

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Oh yes, we love anything fluffy, cute and cuddly in our house! Enjoy!

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