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The picnic basket.

I have an old wicker basket and today I filled it up with sandwiches, drinks and crisps and gave it to the kids to take out into the garden.
There’s nothing more pleasing than lifting your food out of a basket, I’m sure it tastes better too.
the picnic basket

Princess Evie…

…has pinched all my scarves and is now Princess Elsa the Ice Queen.
frozen evie


Matilda has been sat on three eggs for five days now so I have moved her to a separate little house as it looks as though she means business. I moved her and her eggs at night on Saturday and she hasn’t left them since. She moves them around her little house as she’s always sitting in a different spot when I check in on her.
Once a day she’s let out for about ten minutes or so to stretch her legs, she clucks hysterically while she’s scratching around like she can’t wait to get back to her eggs.
There are still three under her so we are looking at around the 8th of May for our due date if all goes well. It’s not quite the number of I would have chosen but Matilda seemed quite certain that these three eggs were quite perfect for her.

Stating the impossible.

Millie has kindly pointed out to me that this is unachievable. She can of course oblige but that would result in her being frozen to the spot and that would get us no where either. The wisdom of my ten year old knows no bounds…
body language

Happy Easter.

Chocolate chickens and a chocolate bunny for breakfast!
easter 2014-1


Less than a week after losing our cockerel, He-man, Matilda has decided to brood some eggs.
She’s currently been sat on three eggs for two days now. She seems to know that it’s now or never!
We’re going to let her try to hatch them out, she’s been waiting for this opportunity for years now.
Over to you Matilda, best of luck.

End your day on a hug…

go to bed on a hug

Artistic license.

Yes we did see a waterfall today and yes the dog did get this close to the edge but do you think for a second that my kids went that close too?
Not on your nelly!


Only a cat…

…could sleep hanging off the edge of the bed. Comfy Arnie?
only a acat


…He-Man. You had a great name and you lived up to it with your beady eyed stare and your enormous loud presence.
We will all miss you.

rip he man


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