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…lots of them, towers of bread. I sliced through eight rounds tonight in one go, living dangerously…

Wet cat.

Here he comes, expecting a lap to dry out on…
wet wet wet


I had to take Gruff to the minor injuries unit today as he’d cut open his elbow in the playground at school.
No stitches needed but he has to keep his elbow dry for five days so no showers.
That cheered him up!

Getting on a bit.

Arnie’s getting old. He’s looking a little less sure of himself these days. He’s only ten.
He even let Bonnie have a sniff without swiping her today but maybe that was simply an act of compassion to those less worthy than himself.
He is a wise old cat after all…
getting on a bit


Eight days in school and the lurgy has returned. I think this is a new record…
cold 2015

Hanging around.

on the upside

Master builders.

Gruff asked if I would play Lego with him tonight, so we built a retirement home for super-heros, (who have various limbs missing. Some even have no heads).
We built a dining room, one bed and a wall made out of Tardis bits.
They have a carpet and one mug to share their Lego tea.
Bet you don’t see that on Big Brother eh?
lego builders

Grubby toes.

Toes are happiest when let out to free range in grass, mud or especially sand. Enjoy being grubby little toes, you’ll soon be back in socks.


Total recall.

Bonnie has selective recall. This means she comes back when SHE wants to and not when I want her too.

This also means if something rancid and rotten has caught her eye and she wants to eat it, there is no force on Earth, no amount of bellowing, screaming, pleading and begging that will bring her back to me until she decides in her doggie wisdom to do so.

Then she will happily bound back to me as if nothing was wrong, leaving me looking like the park banshee (again)…

total recall

Back to school.

Off they go after another whirlwind summer of wellies, camping and not knowing what weekday it was. Inches taller, me poorer and the house looking like an explosion in a toy factory.

I hope to see some smiles this afternoon when they all return…

school time


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