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On your head is the only way to wear your coat home these days I hear.
spring has sprung


I’m thinking of attaching a rope around their waists if this wind continues.

Screaming child.

How lovely, I have two children and a small wailing siren to walk home from school.
screaming child

Happy monday.

the school splodge

Adventure time…

…for Millie with her school friends. Armed with the knowledge to tie her shoelaces, play Minecraft and live off jaffa cakes, she’s not sure she needs anything else, she’s got all the skills right there.
adventure time

The day before tomorrow.

Getting the lunches ready for our return to school tomorrow. Uniforms are hanging ominously ironed and neat upstairs.
I’m already wearing mine…jeans, t-shirt, trainers and a wearied smile.
packing lunch

Shoe shopping.

For school shoes. Bring on the scowls.
shoe shop blues

School’s out!

September is so very far away at the moment. Time can drag.
schools out

Hometime hug club.

I don’t get one because “I wasn’t there.”
hometime hugs

Stating the obvious.

Done a bit of painting today in school have we Evie?


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