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Monday-itis has struck once again. One poorly boy with a roaring temperature and a gloriously sunny day outside.



Lots of cushions when you’re not well Millie and one for the cat doctor too.

Cheer up!

You may be feeling under the weather Evie but here’s Gruff to cheer you up with his super noisy zombie killing ultimate lego machine!
cheer up

Ych a fi.

(Means horrid – say “ugh – a – fee”).
I’m ill, I hate being ill.
Don’t mind waking up covered in get well notes though.
Do mind the slobby licks (Bonnie) and the well timed claws through my blanket (Arnie).
ill mam

’tis the season…

…to be vomitting, fala la la laa la la la laah.
First day if the holidays and all three have succumbed to the lovely norovirus, how lovely.

Big little brother.

Millie’s been unwell the last few days, good job she has Gruff to look after her. He’s done a lovely job too.


The three am bugle call.

Ah do I hear the dulcet tones of a vomiting child in the early hours of the morning?
3am bugle call

Long car journeys…

…should never be attempted without a bottle of bleach and a bucket!


Best cat in the world.

What cat refuses to get off Evie’s bed even when she’s thrown up everywhere?
Arnie does.
best cat

Easter Bonnets 2013.

The Easter bonnet making frenzy has scaled new heights this year.
Evie has gone fluffy chick crazy and Gruff being Gruff decided he wanted an Easter helmet.

easter helmets and bonnets2013


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