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Too Much to Do…

I really must

1. Cut the grass

2. Hang the washing out.

3. Take the kids somewhere

4. Put name tags on Millie’s school clothes

5. Wash the cat

6. Iron the hoover

7. Put milk in the car

8. @*/*’:!

Bank Holiday Mayhem

A sea of wind-breakers, sandwiches and swimming costumes stuffed in Aldi bags, wasps and ice-cream, it’s the great August Bank Holiday!!

Things you will hear on the great August Bank Holiday on the beach:
1. Cheese and Pickle?
3. Ice-cream and tea in the same sentence.
4. I don’t care if there’s sand in it, eat it!

Sundays….at Cwmbwrla Park

There’s a distinctively Autumnal feel in the air today, the leaves are starting t o go brown and September is not far away too. Another wet summer, god I’m melancholy today. I quite like Autumn but I’m not ready for it yet, wouldn’t mind a bit more of summer. Cwmbwrla Park feels even more desolate in weather like this, never mind the glass and empty bottles left behind from last nights teenage piss-up.

Ice cream is lush..


Hmmm not sure if those socks go with that skirt love…..(put your handbag down Ang …)

Blackpill Lido….

Millions of freezing wet children, ice cream, wasps, brilliant view of the bay. It can only be Blackpill Lido. Brilliant!

The Great Stare Off…

Between Arnie and a dark intruder that happened to swagger down our path this morning.

My daughter is an Ood…

Well if you don’t watch Doctor Who, then you won’t get this one but maybe you’ll understand the sheer ambition and revulsion of a two year old eating noodles…


Food spreader..

What is it with babies and food? They have to throw it as far away from their mouths as humanly possible and then expect you to fetch it back (even if it means peeling it off the person sat at the table next to you).

We saw daleks!

Went to the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff….

Going on a walk to Margam Park…

we’re not scared!!oh oh…its a long way!

Sand, sea and chips.

a day without rain is a day down the beach!!!


This is the walk from our bread shop back home. We won’t be doing it anymore as it closed this week. It was a nice walk and fab bread too.


The curious incident of the daughter and the bamboo……

Oh bugger, we’re out of beer….

Positions in the marital bed…..

oh the joy of co-sleeping….

Nighty Night…..zzzzzzzzzzz

What’s sleep?

Shopping…click on the post to enlarge…

Oh look more rain, oh yes that would be because it’s summer. Maybe the sun will try and come soon….

washing and serenity..(click on the post to see more)…


my ever suffering husband…




My family……

A little about me and my family!

oooh Ive got a blog!

Well this is it, finally, Ive got a blog. Of course it’ll have pictures and stuff and drawings. Hope you all like it.

Doodlemum. x

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