washing and serenity..(click on the post to see more)…

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  1. Aw, serene?! washing wouldn’t make one serene…

    And how many socks? and don’t forget the odd one that doesn’t have a partner, because it somehow walked off. If only you could teach Arnie to help you out, he seems to follow you everywhere! He could help! 🙂


    • its the fact it piles up as more quickly than I can wash it and yes, I would love to teach Arnie to fold but I’d rather he do the ironing.


      • It would take him ages just to iron a pair of trousers with his tiny cat arms (yes ok cats have 4 legs, but hey my imagination is picturing them as arms). He could wash the floor for you if you strapped mits on his paws?… haha.


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