Posted on September 30, 2010. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. so true to life. It’s nice that some things never change – how many generations of mams have been doing this?


  2. Oh goodness, I’m not looking forward to doing this in a couple of years time (or maybe sooner? my daughter starts nursery in January)


    • Once you get over the initial revulsion of seeing something crawling in your daughters head it gets slightly easier! I do a weekly check on a Sunday night when they have a bath. Its all the colds and tummy bugs this time of year that they seem to get that makes it hard.
      Evie has been in nursery a month now and she enjoys her afternoons.
      Nursery is great fun for them, I think as mums we feel it more than they do! I hope your little one settles in ok and you too!


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