Monthly Archives: October 2010


I blame the older sister for this one….


I am so predictable, well it is hard deciding what to wear although I’m not sure whether other fashionistas have the same issues as me!

Scissors and Glue.

We’ve decide to decorate the house for Halloween this year. There is glitter everywhere.

Late night discord.

I don’t think this needs any words, apart from yes I am a grumpy cow, especially when sleep deprived.

A trip to the wildlife park.

Wellies a must I think.

What my seven year old thinks of the Miss World Beauty Contest…

Yes and it isn’t much, take it away Millie…

Feeding the pigeons…

…and the chickens, the ducks, rabbits, geese, ponies, and fish….we fed them all!


What is that noise coming from my ceiling?

Shopping for me.

Let your children decide what to put on you. My lot have decide their Mum is a very classy woman indeed. They know what I like.

Dirty Boy. (My 100th post)!

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