A trip to the wildlife park.

Wellies a must I think.

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  1. I really have enjoyed going through your sketchbook. You have substantially more charm than something like Family Circus without all of the lousy jokes that accompany it.

    You offer genuine emotion through your style and it has a bizarre calming effect on me while keeping me stimulated. I wish I could just thumb through a few of your notebooks by a fire… or one of those fake electric heaters that are supposed to look like a fire but don’t really.


    • Thank you. Your comment made me laugh, I was watching my daughter look through one of my sketchbooks this morning and she was chuckling away to herself, she finds it very amusing seeing herself drawn. I like the pictures to tell my story, its really a diary of what I do. I hope you stay tuned. I’m glad you’re calmed, my life is anything but so maybe some of that will come my way soon!


      • The content stimulates me and keeps me reading but the style is very reassuring. It’s not fraught with quite so many bold lines and negative white spaces that I’m accustomed to.


  2. Crikey, It’s like I was there with you…..


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