Monthly Archives: October 2010

Make your own Bider!

A little project for Halloween, make your own spiders, sorry….biders….

Baby Wipes.

Note to self, do not leave baby wipes in the path of a curious 11 month old.


Are we warm enough?

Never mind you can’t move, can’t have you getting cold now, it’s cold in the morning!

First day at nursery… went well, I didn’t cry, she didn’t cry. We were very brave.

What every child loves…..

The Party

Well, I am still alive but my brain has short circuited, the Jurassic jelly went down well and we’re still eating the party food for tea.

Where did the time go? An Evie Montage.

To celebrate my daughter’s 3rd birthday, here’s a wee montage of the little whirlwind.

Birthday Cake

It’s Evie’s  third birthday tomorrow and I’ve made her a cake. I’m shattered and have lungs full of icing sugar. The cake’s …interesting…


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