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Getting out the Christmas decorations.

Wish me luck, I’m going in!

What to wear.

Uphill ,

It seems a long way back home some days and today,  in particular, that hill feels a lot steeper.

There’s nothing like a winter blue sky. Especially when its cold.

Beddie Bies

Ya Boob Sucks !

Duckie Ahoy.

Oh no, not the end of another sketchbook!

It’s not sticking…


“Its going to snow”, says the news reader on the telly.
Panic buy every last loaf of bread and pint of milk from the shops.
Rush home and clog up the roads before the snow comes.
Barge everyone out of the way, lock your doors, the snow is coming.
Buy enough food to outlive a nuclear winter.
Dress your children in five layers of clothes.
Dress your babies in suits that could float the Atlantic.



For the bright cheeked little one…

I am a Princess, Mam.

Indeed you are Evie.

Road Rage.

Well it wasn’t me, I didn’t mean to incur the wrath of the hormone driven car that did not take too kindly to me blocking her punctual exit from the retail park this afternoon.

Of course I kept my cool, and no I didnt shout.

I may have happened to accidently removed a stray eyelash from my eye as she triumphantly drove past…..


Morning Hair.

Amy Winehouse would shudder if she lived in my house in the morning. Come here and have your hair brushed!


There is a fine art to putting up your Christmas decorations and lights.

Too early, you’re too quick of the blocks and you’re obviously trying to be the first one in the street to light up. Too late,  you’re simply a misery guts!

Another week and I may cave in to pressure but it’ll probably take more than that to get me crawling around the loft in between the fiberglass insulation looking for the deccies box.

Sunday Night Blues.

I do wonder what has happened to my carefree, happy daughter. Over the course of the last few months she’s become very self aware and quite negative about things.

She’s growing up.

I hope my happy girl comes back soon.


Ooh another rant from Millie.

X-Factor is reality TV in the UK (like American Idol), I’m not keen on it at all.  Millie detests it with a passion.

And over to Millie…

He’s gone.

Into his own room, its big without a cot in it. Very big….very empty….

I think I’m alright with that…I think I am…

We’ll get used to it.


Winter Soup.

To be taken with a pinch of salt….


Hot Fuzz.

Myles is growing a moustache. It’s customary around our parts to do this In November for charity. Also known as Movember for this very reason. We’ve had a slow start but he’s looking fairly “bushed” now….

Bath time.

And who is having the bath, me or the monsters?

Spot the carpet….

So what’s the point in hoovering if you can’t see the floor?

Playdoh and dinosaurs….

The Tantrum.

I believe this particular tantrum began over the fact that I had no sweeties in the car on the way to the shops.

Everyone was then treated to a very public display of screaming and wailing right the way round.

I’m please to report the tantrum finally ended with a plate of pork pie, bread and butter, tomatoes and olives.

I don’t think I bought anything that I went in there for….

Baby Led Weaning…

..expect mess…and stand well back, especially when using spaghetti…

Separation Anxiety…

…has kicked in with Gruff.

Please don’t drop me…

A good day in the park, fed squirrels, got muddy and didn’t drop the pram in the fast flowing stream.

Land Cruiser.

Oh go on, Evie, play with your brother…

Happy Birthday

Gruff is one today. We got him a toy rocket with little astronauts to put in it….the girls enjoyed it too! Happy Birthday my little man.

Baby Clinic.

Gruff, time for a weigh in and some vaccinations!

I made an effort today…

Honestly, I did.

Didn’t scrape my hair back, put on my good coat (without a hood), and… it rained.


It’s been a very hard week. Gruff has been ill and teething which has resulted in me not getting much sleep. Things seem much harder when you’re tired.

I’ve seen a tooth appear in his gum this morning so hopefully the end is in sight, we shall see.

Bonfire night.

Yes it’s that night where we light bonfires, burn the Guy and let off fireworks….in the pouring rain! It is Swansea mind…

Dressing Up.

Snotty Nosed Kid.

Gruff has a cold. He’s sneezed his entire body weight over the last few days. Hopefully he’ll get better soon before I run out of tissues…

Clocks have gone back…

…and I hate the dark nights. Too much dark if you ask me.

Home Wreckers

…yes literally!

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