I made an effort today…

Honestly, I did.

Didn’t scrape my hair back, put on my good coat (without a hood), and… it rained.

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  1. Don’t allow yourself to learn what seems to be a lesson.

    Make an effort again, whenever you can.


  2. This picture is simply beautiful.


    • Thank you! I’m exhibiting some of my posts next week locally, thanks to the nagging from a very good colleague and friend of mine, maybe others will enjoy them too? Who knows, I’m still enjoying doing the drawings each day and I now really look forward to my little hour in the evening once the lovelies are finally asleep…


      • Are you exhibiting the pages themselves? Do you sell your art?


      • yes I’ve taken the pages out of my book and framed them. The exhibition is with a group of artists locally, so as I’ve never framed this sort of work before, its a first for me.
        I do sell my art but its been a few years since I’ve exhibited and sold work. Its always hit and miss. It will be interesting as the exhibition is in a pub!


  3. I do love the composition!

    Well drawn.


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