He’s gone.

Into his own room, its big without a cot in it. Very big….very empty….

I think I’m alright with that…I think I am…

We’ll get used to it.


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  1. How’s he getting on?

    I still have Isabel in my bed. I tell everyone convincingly that it’s to make night feeds easier, but ‘secretly’ it’s nice having her close by. 🙂


    • What do you think? Well…..he spends about halfish the night in the cot and then….he’s in with us for the rest!! We really dont mind and to be honest he sleeps better for it and so do I.
      Ive painted his walls with astronauts and planets (Tin Tin style) its gorgeous but he’ll appreciate it when he’s older I’m sure.
      Feeding and sleeping go hand in hand even at this age!


  2. just wanted to say I enjoyed your comment on bluemilk about creativity and parenting and followed the link here, where I’ve also been enjoying your drawings quite a bit. keep up the good work.


    • Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you like my drawings, its a new venture for me to combine them into a biographical element. The humour creeps in because I think life is far too dull without the occasional giggle….:)


  3. Transitions can definitely be tough. Bear never wanted anything to do with our bed. Bean did for a while but she certainly let us know when she was ready to split – that made it easy!


    • Hmm….. Gruff is definitely squatting in our bed for the foreseeable future. It’s a halfway through the night agreement at the moment so we’re moving in the right direction!


  4. Connor’s cot was moved into Riley’s room this afternoon to share a room. Seemed a good idea this afternoon, spur of the moment, kept us busy, now I don’t think so…..seems big our bedroom now, he’s just next door but miss him. My boys are my life……another era over


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