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Time for a story…..

Bored of writing about me…..let’s have a story!

Oh and thanks for following my blog this year. Happy Christmas, I hope its a peaceful and happy one.

Doodlemum xxxx

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Three more sleeps….

Four more sleeps until Christmas!!

The excitement is starting to build, we are one very excited bunch in our house this year. I’m very excited, as I’m in cahoots with Father Christmas and he’s been dropping some hints as to what my gang will be getting…..

Blaer mae car?

Too much snow now, Ive broken my broom sweeping the stuff off the car….

Christmas Dinosaur.

Heh heh heh, go on Evie get those dinosaurs ready for Christmas…

Snow business and all that…

There’s a lot of snow around at the moment and its making things a bit tricky to do the everyday stuff. My poor hens won’t venture outside at all.

Not forgetting the wild birds too, Arnie thinks Christmas has come early…

I’ve got to go snow shopping….

Really now, I have to go out, we’ve run out of milk….what’s that? Oh yes it is very very deep with snow outside…oh I’ll be fine…yes won’t be long…

This is my reaction to finding the car park empty and full of new snow…

Winter Morning.


Dickle dickle

Here come the first words from Gruff…unfortunately Evie is far too ill to tolerate an affectionate little bruiser of a brother.

Sofa Bound

The Flu siege continues. The girls are rotten. Lots of sleeping, medicine and more sickness.
Can’t do much else at the moment.

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