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Time for a story…..

Bored of writing about me…..let’s have a story!

Oh and thanks for following my blog this year. Happy Christmas, I hope its a peaceful and happy one.

Doodlemum xxxx

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Three more sleeps….

Four more sleeps until Christmas!!

The excitement is starting to build, we are one very excited bunch in our house this year. I’m very excited, as I’m in cahoots with Father Christmas and he’s been dropping some hints as to what my gang will be getting…..

Blaer mae car?

Too much snow now, Ive broken my broom sweeping the stuff off the car….

Christmas Dinosaur.

Heh heh heh, go on Evie get those dinosaurs ready for Christmas…

Snow business and all that…

There’s a lot of snow around at the moment and its making things a bit tricky to do the everyday stuff. My poor hens won’t venture outside at all.

Not forgetting the wild birds too, Arnie thinks Christmas has come early…

I’ve got to go snow shopping….

Really now, I have to go out, we’ve run out of milk….what’s that? Oh yes it is very very deep with snow outside…oh I’ll be fine…yes won’t be long…

This is my reaction to finding the car park empty and full of new snow…

Winter Morning.


Dickle dickle

Here come the first words from Gruff…unfortunately Evie is far too ill to tolerate an affectionate little bruiser of a brother.

Sofa Bound

The Flu siege continues. The girls are rotten. Lots of sleeping, medicine and more sickness.
Can’t do much else at the moment.

Zombie Children.

The girls have flu, they are feeling very poorly indeed.
The house looks as though Armageddon has hit it, I haven’t stopped all day. Florence Nightingale in vomit splattered jumper…
We have egg frying temperatures and lots of sickness and headaches. It doesn’t help that I’m watching a zombie series of an evening. So tonight’s theme is inspired by my little gang of walking wounded.


Millie 38.5, Evie 39.5. Gruff….annoying his sisters. More temperature, more lurgy, more illness.
I argued with the woman in Boots as she couldn’t sell me enough medicine for all of them as we have a idiotic law that prevents us from overdosing…..
Anyhow, ’tis the season and all that jazz…

Tinsel Town

Tree is bought, box of decorations retrieved from darkest regions of the loft. And now the kids would like to decorate the tree…

Children and food.

I personally have a belief that the less stressed you are about food, vegetables and fruit, the more likely your children are to eat and try different things. Wonder at my little gastronomicals!!

Adventures in Hoovering cont…

They actually do this.


Happy birthday to me. This year I had a vomiting bug for my birthday. Lovely.

Birthday Card.

Its my birthday today. Evie has been making the most lovely card. I can’t wait for her to give it to me…

The Nativity Play

Ah, it’s great, I love it. Evie had her first Nativity Play at school today.
She cried when she couldn’t see me so I had to watch it standing up holding Gruff at the same time. (To much tutting from my fellow audience).
She was dressed as a star.
My little star.
I’ve drawn a picture as we weren’t allowed to take photos.

Washing and ironing.

I wish I could hide from it.

Some days it feels like a tsunami out to get me. Shove it all in the draws before it swallows the kids….


A winter of lurgy so far in my house.


…in the pocket of your trousers end up in the washing machine and then end up in the tumble dryer and oh my god, there are shreds of tissues on everything….someone shoot me now…

Window Lickers with cold…

And it isn’t pleasant…


It’s the word that no one wants to admit they’ve got isn’t it?
Myles calls it a “frumpy bumpy day”. He says it from ten feet away so I can’t hit him…
I can’t be arsed today, I’m grumpy and I’ve got a cold sore coming and the cream isn’t working on the bloody thing.
Drink tea, eat chocolate, film on, leave me alone. Lovely.

Dew dew Dildo!

Well what would you think two adults would do on a day off without the kids….go and snigger at the stuff in Anne Summers of course.

Home Time.

Down the road quickly I run,

Normally late, (I hope I get there in time).

Out pour the kids!

Out pours the noise.

Hurray for home time!

Quick girls, chop chop,  before we freeze

Back up the hill we climb, (with promises of hot chocolate, of course).


A Familiar Threesome…

Gruff is now in his own room…..but not quite yet in his cot completely.

The Market.

A helping hand would be nice…

Home from school, shoes, coats, hats, scarves off.

Hot chocolates all round.

Anyone know where the remote control is?


Shall we all look for it?




I sometimes think I’m operating at a completely different speed to my kids.


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