The Nativity Play

Ah, it’s great, I love it. Evie had her first Nativity Play at school today.
She cried when she couldn’t see me so I had to watch it standing up holding Gruff at the same time. (To much tutting from my fellow audience).
She was dressed as a star.
My little star.
I’ve drawn a picture as we weren’t allowed to take photos.

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  1. Sooooo cute!
    Merry twinkle Xmas to your family!


  2. adorable. Ignore the tutters, miserable oafs!


  3. Adorable!


  4. You couldn’t take photos at a children’s performance? Strange.


    • The law has been changed in the UK from now on so actually, we can. Silly really isn’t it. I don’t blame the school as their hands are tied. The teachers have taken photo’s in the classroom. It was only this year that our school finally bowed to pressure but thank goodness a top judge has seen the light and some common sense for once.


  5. I love the advent pic, haha


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