Children and food.

I personally have a belief that the less stressed you are about food, vegetables and fruit, the more likely your children are to eat and try different things. Wonder at my little gastronomicals!!

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  1. Having had one boy who will eat no fruit or vegetable, and one that will, i’m afraid i have to disagree. I’m sure that parent nervousness or fastiduousness around food would put a child off, but perfectly even good parenting can make no difference to those who struggle from day 1. You are very lucky to have children who eat well. I’m still hoping for that day with my eldest!



    • aaah trust me, it isnt remotely perfect in our house either! Its a good day if we al; sit down to the same food….I suppose where Im coming from is that Im trying not to get wound up in the emotional attachment that can haunt us Mums and eating.
      Unfortunately my own experience with food was never very good and the best outcome I can hope for is children who feel positive about going to the table to eat with me.
      Does that make sense?


  2. Of course. Even with my eldest I just let it lie. U dint want it to ever become an issue. If he only eats fishfingers and beans fir now, at least let him enjoy it. X


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