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I’ve gone and Lost it….

Don’t talk to me, no don’t really don’t. I can’t talk right now because I’ve lost something I shouldn’t have. I can’t find it anywhere either. I’ve looked….everywhere. Stupid me left it in my jeans pocket when I was making pizza dough the other day. Now I’ve just pulled my jeans out of the wash and I’ve got a sick sinking feeling……..

Tigers Vs Dollies.

The toy battle rages on. This time we have Gruff’s tiger versus Evie’s army of Disney Princesses, Barbies, and Polly Pockets.

The Children’s Graveyard.

There is a graveyard by the school, which has overgrown with Japanese knot weed. It lies between the rows of terrace houses and most days, you would pass it by and not notice much about it.
The graves are very old, some over a hundred years and more. A lot of them are of very young children, some only months old, some two to three years old.
I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone laying flowers in it.

The school run and the Snow Queen.

A very cold easterly wind blew at us on the way to school today and blew us back up the hill on the way home. The girls reckon it was the Snow Queen trying to get us….

Evie Iron Legs.

I think the walk home today from school was a particularly long one for Evie.

Just as we get to the top, she always turns around and takes a look back down the hill to see how far she’s come.

Gruff, the creator and destroyer of towers.

Built this post up a bit.
Sorry will stop making silly puns. Just look at the piccie!

A quick Safari before tea.

The TV stayed off after school tonight.
Sometimes you’ve got to wrench yourself away from the norm to find more exciting things to do. I believe the kids succeeded, they were a bit late for tea though.

Get behind me cake!

It’s there in the kitchen, calling to me…
What’s that? Yes it is my third slice today and I’m not counting the sneaky slither I had rushing out to school this morning either…

Sea, air and toilet rescue.

It’s a long way down from the toilet when you’re tiny, timid and three years old you know.

Mammy’s a bit Spaced.

It’s Sunday and the lounge is awash with toys. Can you lot go and play somewhere else please and give Mum 5 minutes peace?


Look out Arnie, here comes Gruff.


Evie loves balloons. She got given one today at the shops and she hasn’t let go of it since….

Rockets Vs Ponies

Dragon Breath.

It was very cold this morning on the way to school.
The girls love making shapes as they breathe out in the cold air.

The tree.

Out of my window I can see a tree. It’s huge. It frames the whole of the view and with each season, changes.
I can see Townhill behind with all the rows of houses. It’s taller than anything in that view.

On a windy day the top bows right over in the direction of the wind, hurling all of the jackdaws into the turbulence.

In Autumn, all the leaves tend to drop off in just 2 days.

In Spring, it’s one of the last trees to leaf.

I’ve looked at that tree for over 10 years now, it’s got my memories.

And today the new people in the house across from me, chopped it down.

Dinosaurs are not allowed in the bed.

Absolutely no Evie…

Big Sister.

Millie takes her job as big sister very seriously.
Always there to offer a lift when they get tired.

Always there to look after them and make sure they’re ok when Mum can’t get there straight away.

Weekend’s all right for washing.

Oh god, tonnes of it too.

All right! I can’t carry you as well you know…

Hrmph, all right for some, wake up! This washing needs sorting at some point.

Stepney Street 3.30pm

A traffic jam of children and parents.


Yes, very sneaky. Poor Dad doesn’t stand a chance against two of the most professional midget con artists.



Ugh, rain all day. Constant unremitting rain.

Ugh ugh ugh.


Horsing around.

For once…

..could we all sit down calmly and do something …like read a book? Yes you too Gruff…


Evie’s favourite word at the moment. Always expressed with great emotion and enthusiasm..

At last…

..I’ve had some.

Arnie…has left the building.

Look out birds, Arnie’s on the prowl…

The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe and Evie.


I would hibernate if I were allowed to sleep…

Bean Bags.

The kids got bean bags for Christmas.

They’ve been a huge hit.

I’m not sure how long they’ll last though, (I’m waiting for the inevitable polystyrene explosion…)


Happy New Year!

Did you miss me?

Here’s some fun we had over the holidays apart from rampant flu/lurgy/cold/sore throats that still have a grip on us….

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