Mammy’s a bit Spaced.

It’s Sunday and the lounge is awash with toys. Can you lot go and play somewhere else please and give Mum 5 minutes peace?

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  1. Great picture and caption! I’d love to share some of your pics on my blog, do you fancy doing some guest pieces?


  2. Gorgeous! I wouldn’t mind five minutes alone in space right about now ;-)!


  3. Brilliant! You are DEFINITELY going in the right direction with your style…. less realism… (but not distance from you REAL FEELINGS) .. . just more IMAGINATION… in terms of how you express them! I love it! Keep it up honey… much love. S. xxx


    • PS. You are SO TALENTED… this is leading somewhere… promise. xxxx


      • Sorry… but full of ideas tonight…. it happens ok! I feel I need to tell you, you have FOUND your story… now its just about how YOU are going to TELL it… that UNIQUE SPIN that you put on your story and the characters is what will finally attract attention… it’s beautiful honey… so keep going… exploring the story and the style/technique… it will bear fruit… xxxxxxxxx


      • Myles says the same thing, funny eh? I started last summer when I finally picked my sketchbook back up after a few hormonal, foggy years and started drawing what was close to me and what inspires me the most. It’s something that I look forward to every day now….Myles kept desperately buying me sketchbooks in a vain attempt to get me drawing again and it eventually worked! I wanted to do a blog just to force my hand each day. And…it worked! The important thing is that I’m enjoying and I’m drawing the rest as you say will follow in good time. I’m enjoying the contentment for the time being!


    • Thanks, quite refreshing from the normal look of bemusement and bewilderment I normally get! I’m flabbergasted so many are enjoying!


  4. Hi there, Peggy (Perfectly Happy Mum) has sent me over. Great illustrations!! Deborah


  5. I know I’ve already said it, but I am really, really enjoying these imagination pages. Really. 🙂


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