A quick Safari before tea.

The TV stayed off after school tonight.
Sometimes you’ve got to wrench yourself away from the norm to find more exciting things to do. I believe the kids succeeded, they were a bit late for tea though.

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  1. I love that Arnie joined the fun too! Gorgeous as always!


  2. I love this! A window on a child’s imagination. Just brilliant.

    I am endlessly fascinated by Rosemary’s imaginary play and imaginary friends and her whole imagination. Even the current preference for making things up, which is really not a far cry from plain old telling lies. She’s gradually realising that tall tales need to really, really tall. So, yesterday, in response to my ‘What did you do at school today? Did you fly to the moon?’ she said ‘No. Actually, we flew to Pluto and we had to wrap up really warm and take lots and lots of hats and scarves, because it’s so cold there.’


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