Get behind me cake!

It’s there in the kitchen, calling to me…
What’s that? Yes it is my third slice today and I’m not counting the sneaky slither I had rushing out to school this morning either…

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  1. Oh go on, one more slice isn’t going to hurt . . .


  2. Isn’t it amazing how delicious foods develop a clear personality and motive? I try not to bake cookies very often because of the screaming in the cupboards. 🙂


  3. I shout at the cakes in the supermarket. One particularly enticing caramel one today was marked on special from $8.99 down to 0.99c. GO AWAY, I say!


  4. If it’s chocolate too, you’ve got no chance!


  5. Fantastic – I had a VERY naughty cake staring at me last week. I had to put it on the naughty step in the end.


  6. This is what my husband does – before he gives in and stuffs it all into his cakehole lol


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