Gruff, the creator and destroyer of towers.

Built this post up a bit.
Sorry will stop making silly puns. Just look at the piccie!

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  1. Just like my little girl too.

    Love the flashes of colour with the black and grey



  2. In my house, it’s the little brother who sneaks along and takes great delight in knocking everything down!


  3. I really like how you use gray to add depth to your drawings, especially this one. Very nice.

    Did you mention that you had a showed your some of your artwork recently? I thought I remembered it from a past post…


    • Yes I did, I sold one :))) But it was a good experience for me and it is helping me realise my direction that I want to go in. I have a nother drawing going up in a local Woman’s exhibition soon too. The grey is replacing washes of watercolour I like to use with my line.


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