The Children’s Graveyard.

There is a graveyard by the school, which has overgrown with Japanese knot weed. It lies between the rows of terrace houses and most days, you would pass it by and not notice much about it.
The graves are very old, some over a hundred years and more. A lot of them are of very young children, some only months old, some two to three years old.
I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone laying flowers in it.

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  1. Oh my GAWD that’s poignant.


  2. HI
    my neighbour does her 3month old nephew is buried there and her granparents, but nearer the bottom I think. They do clear it every few years but I do feel sad when I see it……


    • That is sad. I had a look recently when I was out walking. Once you start reading the grave-stones you realise how many are actually very young children. Infant mortality is something that is not prevalent in our generation but was a hundred years ago a sad fact of life. I find that graveyard sandwiched in between two rows of houses is like a snapshot of another era. It must tell so much if you look further…


  3. Made me well up – my sister is buried in a similar graveyard near Solihull and I know we only get up there to lay flowers too rarely

    Too poignant

    Um and also first time commenting – I just love your blog!


    • Hello and welcome! I’m sorry that this post may you feel so sad. I had a brother who died before I was born, he was buried in a grave that I have never visited, my parents would never talk about it as it was too painful for them. I don’t think my mother visited his grave.
      I found the experience of visiting this particular place so near to my house very moving and sad. My mother has also passed away and I like to think that although there is a resting place for her they are not for my memories of her.


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