I’ve gone and Lost it….

Don’t talk to me, no don’t really don’t. I can’t talk right now because I’ve lost something I shouldn’t have. I can’t find it anywhere either. I’ve looked….everywhere. Stupid me left it in my jeans pocket when I was making pizza dough the other day. Now I’ve just pulled my jeans out of the wash and I’ve got a sick sinking feeling……..

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  1. Oh no, how awful!

    Hope you find it soon!


  2. Oh no 😦 Do you think it’s IN the washing machine?


  3. So sorry! Today I realized that I am missing a diamond earring that my husband gave me for our last anniversary. I think it must have fallen out the last I wore it. It is truly a sick feeling. I hope you find it soon. I have heard stories of washing machine repairmen finding jewelry. You might call one and ask if there is a way to check inside your machine.


  4. Ooooh nooo – that’s terrible. I really hope you find it. My engagement ring fell into the duck pond and was never seen again. It still makes me sad to think about it – although it does sound funny with hindsight.


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