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This is my tummy!

I want THAT one!

How about this one? No? Erm…how about this nice one, ooooh yes this one’s REALLY cool….ok. ok! Not that one….this one?

What’s that? You want the one Gruff’s holding?

Oh for …. sake why don’t you pick ONE from the pile of a thousand assorted plastic dinosaurs before Mummy hoovers the lot up….OK?

Pirate Chat!

This one deserves a bit of explaining. We went to a pirate themed day today and there was a lovely pirate reading stories to the children.

Evie, however, was fidgeting on her chair.

In the middle of the story, she climbed off, walked casually over to the pirate and did what she does best….

Stand Up.

Gruff stood alone for 3 seconds today and spent the rest of the evening attempting to do the same….here we go…late off the blocks again but he’s on the way.

Is it a bird? Is it a girl? No it’s…Sooperman!

Daa daa daa daa daaaaaa, Sooperman! Now come ‘ere and get dry!!

The Beauty Myth and my Daughters.

Because they’re worth it. Keep asking those questions Millie, you’ll see through it all, it’s all skin deep unless it’s been surgically grafted on or implanted…

Dad Stevens Versus the Mud

We all went on a trip out today to a local wildlife park. The muddy car park was enough for us! Thank god for spare pairs of trousers…

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Mc a Doodle.

Mc take us Mam Mc take us!!!
Oh go on then, as a Mc treat as it’s half term.

I wish I could climb trees.

That’s alright Millie, we don’t have to be brilliant at everything you know.


On the bright side of the road.

A Frumpy Bumpy day.

That’s Myles’s description of PMT. It normally provokes a she-wolf type response from me.


Defeating the Huns.

We’ve been face painting and watching Mulan today. I’d feel sorry for the huns if my lot fought them. They’d die of nagging and moaning.


Huffy puff puff.

Oooh Evie’s in a strop. I love it when she’s annoyed, it’s not fair we all crease up laughing at her.

Messy Business.

Gruff’s covered in yoghurt, Evie’s left a mountain of dressing up clothes on the floor and Millie is sculpting something enormous with paper.

I guess they’re happy…

A Hard Day in Rain Town.

Tell me when it’s over.

The World is so much better upside down…

…don’t you think?

The sheer face of stairs.

Gruff s working on his down the stairs technique at the moment. We’ve got over the urge to plummet head first.

Magic carpet ride.

Evie’s been at her dressing up box today. There’s a huge pile of costumes on the floor in her bedroom with the cat asleep underneath it.

There are Dinosaurs on my sofa…

…again, for the third time running today. I’m not pointing any fingers at Evie or anything but I feel her collection of 1000 strong dinosaurs may be contributing to the overcrowding.

It would be good to sit down without a parasaurolophus jamming into my behind.

Ponies vs Diggers.

C’mon you lot, play nicely.

We love our library!

We love our library. It”s not huge but the kids love it.

I’ve brought all of my kids here from when they were babies. Books are wonderful things and stories are often best read aloud, (even if it does annoy the man sat next to us on the computer).

Here’s to stories!

More Teething.

Nothing settles Gruff when he’s teething.

Good evening sir, I see we have requested my presence, what is it to be tonight?

Bonjela and teething powder cocktail? Or would a Calpol and Nurophen mixer go down well tonight sir? May I recommend the special sir? Yes that’s the cuddle, works very well and can go on for as long as sir wishes.

And we have peace for the now.

Around Pigeon Park.

The sun was out and so were we. Stuff cleaning, it’s overrated anyway.
Went to the park (with pasties and teddy bear crisps) for a picnic.
Poor pigeons were in for it today (judging by the number of eager little ones with bags of seed ready for the absent ducks).


Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff, ruff uff uff, ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff, uff uff uff, ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff, uff uff uff…..Evie loves her pull along. barking doggie….

The WordPress Post a Day Challenge.

Oh go on then. I’ll make it a year of drawing!

Get off your horse and drink your milk….

The other balloon, (that escaped the bathroom tsunami last night), has been the subject of in house pitched battles all afternoon.

Really, really, naughty children.

Oh this is just plain naughty. I am so cross with them. They’ve just come back from a party and I let them play with their balloons…

Early Morning.

Gruff wakes early, I can’t complain as he is sleeping through now which is great. Get the kettle on, I need tea.

Found my Precious!!!!

In the tumble dryer….phew

The Fairies stole my wedding ring…

Well they hid the nit comb, ate the hidden packet of jaffa cakes, pilfered my make up bag, hid my bras in the dressing up box….

I’ve gone and Lost it. The search continues – Part 3

I am now looking in the farthest most dirtiest parts of the house. The parts I don’t like cleaning and therefore do not get cleaned. The parts of the house where lost toys go to be…erm…well lost…where is that ring?

I’ve gone and Lost it – Part 2 The search continues…

Still haven’t found my wedding ring. I am searching everywhere for it, including; under the sofa, (oh god there are nasty things under here), under the beds, (dustballs to rival tumble weed under here) and other parts of the house that I like to deny exist so therefore do not need cleaning…

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