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This is my tummy!

I want THAT one!

How about this one? No? Erm…how about this nice one, ooooh yes this one’s REALLY cool….ok. ok! Not that one….this one?

What’s that? You want the one Gruff’s holding?

Oh for …. sake why don’t you pick ONE from the pile of a thousand assorted plastic dinosaurs before Mummy hoovers the lot up….OK?

Pirate Chat!

This one deserves a bit of explaining. We went to a pirate themed day today and there was a lovely pirate reading stories to the children.

Evie, however, was fidgeting on her chair.

In the middle of the story, she climbed off, walked casually over to the pirate and did what she does best….

Stand Up.

Gruff stood alone for 3 seconds today and spent the rest of the evening attempting to do the same….here we go…late off the blocks again but he’s on the way.

Is it a bird? Is it a girl? No it’s…Sooperman!

Daa daa daa daa daaaaaa, Sooperman! Now come ‘ere and get dry!!

The Beauty Myth and my Daughters.

Because they’re worth it. Keep asking those questions Millie, you’ll see through it all, it’s all skin deep unless it’s been surgically grafted on or implanted…

Dad Stevens Versus the Mud

We all went on a trip out today to a local wildlife park. The muddy car park was enough for us! Thank god for spare pairs of trousers…

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Mc a Doodle.

Mc take us Mam Mc take us!!!
Oh go on then, as a Mc treat as it’s half term.

I wish I could climb trees.

That’s alright Millie, we don’t have to be brilliant at everything you know.


On the bright side of the road.

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