We love our library!

We love our library. It”s not huge but the kids love it.

I’ve brought all of my kids here from when they were babies. Books are wonderful things and stories are often best read aloud, (even if it does annoy the man sat next to us on the computer).

Here’s to stories!

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  1. If the man on the computer is annoyed by someone reading a book to a child, then read louder, slower and make sure you get the kids to repeat the fun sound effects. Reading is the most powerful thing they can learn to do as it opens everything else up for them.

    Soapbox, moi?



  2. I have a huge collection of children’s books and just love them to death! I still regularly read to my seven year-old, sometimes three or four books in a row. I dread the day he doesn’t want me to read to him anymore.


    • Its good for both of you, Millie is still read too at the end of each day, Myles tends to do it now and they read some pretty hefty stuff but she loves it. Its such a shame so many kids are put to bed with a film or TV when there are so many amazing books to be discovered.


  3. Libraries are wonderful places and it’s very sad that so many of them will be closing imminently. We have a house full of books – for all ages – but we still visit our local library at least a couple of times a week. The girls are allowed 20 books out on each card, and their cards are frequently full up. I borrow Fasttrack books of new hardbacks, instead of spending a fortune on them (sorry, authors – I buy them in paperback usually), order books online from any of the local libraries and we also borrow a DVD to watch together every now and then. The librarians are all very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

    We were in there on Wednesday and the windows were papered with children’s artwork – Why I love my library – lovely and made me tear up a bit, too.

    (Sorry, bit of a political mini-rant there. Am very annoyed, though.)


    • you’ve every right to be annoyed. If our libraries are closed what message does this send out to our future generation? It doesn’t bear thinking about. It is a decision we will come to regret and sooner rather than later. I feel the same. The best way is to support and attend your local library.


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