The sheer face of stairs.

Gruff s working on his down the stairs technique at the moment. We’ve got over the urge to plummet head first.

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  1. Oh, how I remember this stage. My husband created a beautiful timber stair gate, for my peace of mind. Which, now that the kids are 6,5 and 4 has no function but beauty.


    • We do have a stair gate at the bottom and top of the stairs as I can’t cope with the thought of them falling ( I have a bad fear of heights :() I’m trying to work on Gruff as he gets the urge to try things in the hope he’ll be more competent a little quicker than his sisters were! Evie finds swing off the stair gate hilarious…the wall its attached to doesn’t….


  2. I will never forget the first time I walked down the stairs behind my son. I didn’t take a breath till we got to the very bottom!


  3. This picture captures perfectly how I felt during this phase of my children’s lives. In retrospect, our first lessons in letting go seem harsh, yet not. All we can do is wait near the bottom to hold them in case they fall. No matter how old they get , I am learning that THAT never changes.


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