Dad Stevens Versus the Mud

We all went on a trip out today to a local wildlife park. The muddy car park was enough for us! Thank god for spare pairs of trousers…

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  1. Aaaw bless, love the way it becomes your fault when things go pear shaped. Almost as if you were psychic and knew they were going to get filthy and cold.



  2. Inevitable!

    I’ll never forget the day my little sister put on my favourite dress-up skirt and then sat in the mud beneath the orange tree. I was devastated, even more so when my mum thought it was adorable and took photos. Couldn’t she feel my pain?


  3. Master(ten)7’s football training every Tuesday night … that BIG puddle, and a bored three-year-old. there was nothing for it but to strip her on the bonnet of the car, wrap her in an old towel and take her home. i’m sure there were plenty of perfect parents there who looked at me as if i had just failed some massive parenting test, but she had a ball. my only regret was i didn’t have a camera!


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