Monthly Archives: March 2011


No, not THAT type…

Sticky paw prints.

Gleefully autographed by Gruff!

One of those days.

And I shan’t say any more than that. Hrmph.


Has anyone seen my pencil case? What’s that Evie?
Oh look, another child of mine that likes to colour themselves in…

Wispering Willow.

In the park, just coming into leaf now.
It’s starting to whisper in the wind.
The girls like running through it’s long branches, twirling themselves around them.

She sells sea shells.

Evie loves her mermaid dolls. She sometimes squeaks so high I’m sure she’s communicating with dolphins.

Mr Worm.

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Not again!

I promise I’ll draw something nice for tonight’s post but permit me to have a little moan for now.

Oh yes, 6am again, with Gruff, (still sniffing), with coffee, with lovely sunrise and oh, here’s something new, a cold for me too.



6am, Coffee, Tv.

In that order, beautiful sun rise this morning, isn’t it Gruff?

Another Snotty child.

When oh when will the winter lurgy bugger off and leave us?


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