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No, not THAT type…

Sticky paw prints.

Gleefully autographed by Gruff!

One of those days.

And I shan’t say any more than that. Hrmph.


Has anyone seen my pencil case? What’s that Evie?
Oh look, another child of mine that likes to colour themselves in…

Wispering Willow.

In the park, just coming into leaf now.
It’s starting to whisper in the wind.
The girls like running through it’s long branches, twirling themselves around them.

She sells sea shells.

Evie loves her mermaid dolls. She sometimes squeaks so high I’m sure she’s communicating with dolphins.

Mr Worm.

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Not again!

I promise I’ll draw something nice for tonight’s post but permit me to have a little moan for now.

Oh yes, 6am again, with Gruff, (still sniffing), with coffee, with lovely sunrise and oh, here’s something new, a cold for me too.



6am, Coffee, Tv.

In that order, beautiful sun rise this morning, isn’t it Gruff?

Another Snotty child.

When oh when will the winter lurgy bugger off and leave us?


There are cracks in your face….

Auntie Lizzie has come to visit and Evie, as normal, is on form with her observations….


More toilet humour.

What is it with Gruff and his fascination for our toilet? I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be fishing dinosaurs, building blocks, beakers…etc, out of the toilet.

A Fizzy Moment.

This is very silly. I like silly things, I snigger when I should be telling the kids off.

I must admit I was roaring laughing at this gaseous exchange.


Echo location.

Ah Saturday afternoon. Bag of jam sandwiches, crisps, flask of tea and an afternoon in the park on a gloriously sunny spring day!

Do you know if you stand in a certain point in Singleton Park in Swansea and shout, you will get a brilliant echo?

I think my children are growing behind my back…

… either that or they’re growing in their sleep and waking up bigger. Or maybe I’m just shrinking all their clothes in the wash, yeah, that’ll be it.


Gruff is finally weaning.

Slowly but it is happening. He’s gone to sleep without a feed for two nights running so far.  He’s 16 months now.

Perhaps the end is in sight.

Me and my Shadow.

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Decisions, decisions.

And what will we be today Evie?

I’m sorry…

…for talking incessantly the minute you walk in from work.

I’m sorry for letting Evie and Gruff climb all over the chair while you were balanced precariously on top of it changing the light bulb.

I’m sorry that Evie runs to the toilet the minute you get in so you can’t go and have to wait.

I’m sorry Gruff filled his nappy while I was cooking so you had to change it.

I’m sorry Gruff left all the lego all over the floor for you to fall over and clonk your head.

I’m sorry that I ate all of the Maltesers you hid in the mouldy biscuit barrel.

Oh and I’m sorry the cat’s vomited in your shoe…again

Cup of tea?

Rapunzel, Rapunzel…

…”Yeah yeah, blah de blah Mam. My hair is NOT long see, and if it was, see, you would have to brush it and that would hurt”.
Point well said Evie, I’ll concede that one.

Spring is coming!

So we’re out in the garden digging holes and chucking seeds everywhere. Evie’s hoping to grow red sunflowers and Millie has a collection of wildflower seeds in little pots.

I want a new Dolly, Mam.

Now let’s just get one thing straight, I don’t and will not ever Trevor buy my children stuff when they are demanding it.

Evie and Millie have mastered the art of subtly breaking their Mother down until she has unwittingly agreed into buying a herd of ponies or something else she can’t quite remember agreeing on but apparently she said yes to ten weeks ago when they were ill …

I normally get a breakdown of my apparent agreement to buying the said herd of ponies in intricate detail. Maybe they hypnotize me when I’m sleeping…

You have to give Evie credit here for being so flipping bolshy. I win this one, no new Dollies, and no amount of arguing or discussion on the benefits that a new Fairy Dolly will bring to the happiness of our house will change my mind.

Friday afternoon nagging…..

Born to be wild…

A bedtime story for everyone!

Not much room in the bed tonight, we had a sell out audience!

What my daughter thinks about elephants.

Millie had a busy day in school today. She came home with the weight of the world on her seven year old shoulders. When I asked her what was up, she explained that she had to write for five minutes about…elephants.
Tough one.

Gruff’s hot-wheels.

Fuel provided by big sister.

Mr Cloth.

Did you enjoy your meal? Did you get a bit messy…oh yes you did…oh dear…be afraid, be VERY afraid.
Its time for Mr Cloth….

Drinkie drunk doodles.

I don’t drink much these days, it knocks me out. Tonight I did enjoy a few glasses while I had a draw….sorry.

What’s new pussycat?

Ooooh Gruff’s lunch, that is!

Evie’s Nanas gets a wash.

Yes even poor Nanas (pronounced as in bananas for those who are curious), fell victim to the torrent of vomit from Evie’s night of illness.

Into the washing machine he went for a wee spin.

Sickness and diarrhoea.

Enough said. It’s been a busy night. Millie and Evie are both ill with a nasty tummy bug. I’m sure Gruff isn’t far behind.

One small step for a boy.

Gruff took a step yesterday and one again today. The start of becoming a little boy. How fab for him, it’s an exciting time. It’s a worrying time for Evie and her dinosaurs…

Happy St David’s Day!

Welsh Costumes on!

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