Evie’s Nanas gets a wash.

Yes even poor Nanas (pronounced as in bananas for those who are curious), fell victim to the torrent of vomit from Evie’s night of illness.

Into the washing machine he went for a wee spin.

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  1. I understand. I’m impatient too! Hope all are well again x


  2. My daughter is the same…luckily rabbit is quick drying 🙂


    • They have to be, with the amount of love and abuse they endure. My teddy still survives on my daughter’s shelf…..minus a nose and one arm and a sock sown on his bum as the stuffing fell out. But for a 37 year old ted I think he’s done well.


  3. This makes me smile, on the inside. My three (two of them teenagers) still drag their teds around with them everywhere. My husbands little stuffed dog poochie still sits on our bed-(his tail just barely hanging in there) My childhood ted was re-gifted by my mother to a friends child while was away at boarding school…(I miss that Panda.) but at least I still have the stuffed monkey I had while I was at boarding school.

    (PS> this is the most gorgeous visual keepsake you will have for your children in years to come.)


    • Let me get this right. Your Mum gave your teddy away? I’m mortified for you. How sad….They may be inanimate objects but the love that is showered on them over the years transforms these teddies into much loved friends. I could never throw my teddy out, he went with me to hospital, university, my first flat and has pride of place on my daughter’s shelf. Sounds like your monkey is enjoying a happy retirement with your husband’s poochie!. (my husband’s pink mouse, “pinkie” sits next to my teddy).


      • Unfortunately yes she did. I think she figured because it wasn’t a book I wouldn’t be devestated and that I would be okay with it being given to another small child. She thought wrong, but most of the time I am bitter free…unless I am cranky with her. Then I tell her she’s horrible for throwing foofoo away. (FooFoo’s actual name was Boofhead but I couldn’t say that..) I think it’s why I have always encouraged my kids to love their special teds with all their heart. I know how much losing one can hurt.

        I love that your husband has a pink mouse named pinkie.


      • Ive been curtly informed by my husband that”Pinkie” is a teddy and not a mouse!!!


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