I want a new Dolly, Mam.

Now let’s just get one thing straight, I don’t and will not ever Trevor buy my children stuff when they are demanding it.

Evie and Millie have mastered the art of subtly breaking their Mother down until she has unwittingly agreed into buying a herd of ponies or something else she can’t quite remember agreeing on but apparently she said yes to ten weeks ago when they were ill …

I normally get a breakdown of my apparent agreement to buying the said herd of ponies in intricate detail. Maybe they hypnotize me when I’m sleeping…

You have to give Evie credit here for being so flipping bolshy. I win this one, no new Dollies, and no amount of arguing or discussion on the benefits that a new Fairy Dolly will bring to the happiness of our house will change my mind.

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  1. I’m surprised she didn’t offer to drive you down to the shops!


  2. Oh the power of pester. Like a dog with a bone springs to mind! And they think if they are ‘helpful’ and explain their reasons at length it might help with the persuasion. It made me smile (or is that grimace) in recognition!


  3. Yep,I know this feeling well..and as you say credit were credits due..the benefits of our family getting a pony,dog,cat,hamster,GOAT,donkey,snake rabbit,Rat yuck…are explained to me 30/40 times a day. by a determined little 7 year old girl.great post…Eliza Keating


    • Thank you and welcome! Yes the menagerie is ever growing….It helps to stuff cotton wool, sorry…pack cotton wool into the ears at times like this although I can’t guarantee it wont stop the pleading!


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