Spring is coming!

So we’re out in the garden digging holes and chucking seeds everywhere. Evie’s hoping to grow red sunflowers and Millie has a collection of wildflower seeds in little pots.

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  1. Sounds like much fun and beauty to come! Evie and Millie – I love sunflowers and wildflowers and can’t wait to hear about your blooms.
    p.s. Hope the chickens don’t like flower seeds as much as the rest of love flowers. 😉


  2. Wonderful, whimsical! Keep that pen flowing – there’s a beautiful book in your series of drawings. And won’t your children love it when they are older.


  3. Lucky you. We have had our summer down here in the Southern Hemi & it’s Autumn with Winter approaching. Although I must say we had a fantastic season with our veggie garden this Summer


  4. Mèo Lười Việt

    I like your drawings very much! 😀


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