Rapunzel, Rapunzel…

…”Yeah yeah, blah de blah Mam. My hair is NOT long see, and if it was, see, you would have to brush it and that would hurt”.
Point well said Evie, I’ll concede that one.


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  1. I love it! Have a similar (if slightly less hair) issue with Littler – can only imagine it will get worse as she gets older

  2. story of my life ❤

  3. Absolutely love it!! Well done ;). K

  4. Your enchanted castle needs what I’ve discovered…it is called the “magic brush,” and it is a beautiful thing!

    (Actually, it’s quite ugly, and it’s boar bristle…but it makes it so that my 8-year-old doesn’t shriek every time I approach her with a brush!)

    Good luck to your Rapunzel. And to you, Mom! 😉

  5. lol, Evie is right! I used to have very long hair as a young girl, and not only did it hurt like crazy having it brushed or put in french braids, but it nearly drowned me in the bathtub! Too much weight for a 50 lb kid.

    Cute post!

  6. bigsheepcommunications

    Flashback: “If you don’t comb that huge knot out of your hair, I’m going to cut it off!” A frequent threat from my mom to me years ago, but she never followed through. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed – love your sketch!!

  7. that is soooo adorable! And now I know why my Mom kept my hair short when i was a little girl.

  8. Well sketched! The drawing reminds me of my old childhood days where me too had those collection of doodles at the back portion of my lecture notebooks.

    But the tower seemed to be very narrow. Was there still a room left for her hair?
    I think her hair needs brushing, indeed. It’s kinda frizzy at all 🙂

  9. HAHA! Sounds like me as a kid. I had hair to my waist and the most sensitive scalp possible. My poor Mom.

    • I did also, my mom ended up getting fed up with me running away from her when she had a brush in her hand, so she just told me I had to take care of it myself. I got my hair cut short 3 days after that.

  10. Love it! And congrats on Freshly Pressed!

  11. haha this is so funny! i love you doodles …they are so great and entertaining! nice one…congrats on being fp’ed

  12. That was funny. The picture is attractive on the freshly pressed page. 😀

  13. My nine year old niece just got all of her’s cut, just below the chin…she hates having her hair brushed, so now….I guess she likes it. Great drawing…love it! Deserves Fresly Pressed! AmberLena

  14. great drawing! love your blog too. good post

  15. This is so cute…love it ❤

  16. My mom resorted to simply keeping our hair short. I had a banged pageboy until high school.


  17. Fantastic!!!
    No wonder I have short(ish…ok fine it IS short) hair.

  18. What a fabulous blog! LOVE your illustrations! You are very talented- what a great way to blog about your life… I am inspired!

  19. And the ever dreaded curly hair…the naps, and the brush that can never get through the tangles…still experience it to this day

  20. Too true! My sister and I used to always complain about Mom brushing our hair into a bun for ballet class! Tangles were abundant in curly hair! Love your drawings!

  21. Hahahaha omg what a wonderful website! I love that pic!

  22. Cute little girl went to camp. She had long, curly blond hair.
    Week 1 – she borrowed some scissors and friends’ help to cut it short – and uneven, of course.

  23. My daughter hates having the ‘Tats’ brushed out of her hair. Insists that I’m rubbish at it but ‘mummy does it better’. 🙂 Dad’s are good for somethings but I guess hair brushing aint one of them.

  24. I can remember saying this to my dad….luckily he’s always had hair as long as mine so he feels my pain!

  25. My daughter love to get her hair brushed its her flavor time at night.

  26. It seems like every little girl has a problem with brushing their hair and showering. Go figure.

  27. LOVE this. I have clear memories of hair brushing wars with my Mom even to this day! Ha ha.

  28. This is great. Reminds me of when I was a young’un and had hair just below my waist. The days when I had my hair tied in buns and plaits, they were some painful memories, haha. Still have long hair to this day, but slightly more shorter.

    Wonderful drawing style you have, really love how you’ve captured the essence of a young girl’s dread of having her hair brushed by mum.

  29. Nice Drawing ! This something that all moms and daughters can relate to. I used to hate it when my mom used to comb my hair. I really couldn’t stand it. I would just cry my litte heart out. I would always pout and say to my mom I’ll be glad when I get old enough to do my own hair and my mom would always reply back good I’ll be glad when you’re old enough too.

    Has anyone been in a situation where it was time to get your hair combed and in the middle of proccess you start to cry and you’re mother, or grandmother would pop you with the comb or bursh to shut up from crying ?


  30. Haha, this is such a clear vision in my life!! I do remember saying something like that to my Mom! [hum, let’s see… I think it was the day before yesterday! ]

    I suppose it’s quite harder to be the Mom that hunts Rapunzel at the tower! Haha

    I’ve truly enjoyed your blog! Good luck with hair brushing! ; )

  31. Cool but funny picture, Doodlemum.

  32. So funny. Not wanting to get a hair cut or brushing reminds me of myself as a little girl. My poor mom. Now I want it short and she doesn’t understand. I’m sure your Rapunzel will want a change someday too.

  33. Snoring Dog Studio

    What a sweet painting! The expression of the little girl is wonderfully done.

  34. Great sketching 🙂

  35. A lot of females can relate to this–as daughters and as mothers. Ah, the price of beauty…!

    Great drawing!

  36. This is really cute!

  37. Oh boy does that bring back memories! My Mother adored my long hair. She unfortunately left my brother and me with our aunt and uncle for the summer so she could work. My aunt has six children of her own and needless to say we were always getting into stuff best left alone – he-he 😉 We once had a sand fight and my uncles conclusion to this was that we all had lice! My uncle then proceeded to put our hair in pony tails and with one chop it was gone. I can still see her face at the end of the summer while she stared at the pony tail of hair that my uncle was thoughtful enough to keep for her! Best of luck to you 😉

  38. Can’t wait to chop my girls’ hair all off! I’ve only let them grow it long for one simple reason – they are going to donate it to a great cause! http://wigsforkidsbc.com/
    Knowing the hair is going to a kid in need makes me very tolerant of the constant whine when it’s time to comb or brush.

  39. Congrats on being freshly pressed! I, for one, knew it would happen! Your drawings are too nifty to go unnoticed. 🙂

  40. Haha. Great illustration!!

  41. congrats on being freshly pressed! love your drawings 🙂 i’m officially a fan )

  42. Art and family; you do them both so well. Great stuff.

  43. Keep it up and fantastic post

    Wish you all the best

    Thanks for sharing

  44. Very sweet and cute… just love this one. Very nice!!!!

  45. Nice drawing. I love that movie too.
    My hair is weak, really wanna be Rapunzel

  46. Great drawing. I remember my Mum used to have the same issue with my sister when she was a kid

  47. I really like the comical sketch. I’m inspired…:D

    Well done

  48. Awesome! I would love to have long hair, but then brushing hurts! 😦

  49. I used to hate having my hair brushed. It was thick so it was always SO tuggy. “You can brush it later Mum” I’d always say. Then, my Mum would appear two seconds later with a hair brush.. “Mum I said LATER”.. “Yeah, this IS later!”. Ha ha. I hated my long hair then but I miss it now!

  50. I had long golden curls… then my Mum chopped it all (exagguration) off when I was distracted watching Bananas In Pyjamas.
    Bitch >>; I cried.
    Although I don’t know how I didn’t realise what she was doing when I was sitting on the kitchen table with her behind me holding a pair of scissors.
    Another hair story : When I was probably younger than the hair-cutting incident, my Mum went to the hairdressers and got her hair cut/permed and we sat in the car waiting, and when she came back I started bawling and yelling and said she wasn’t my mother.
    I have change issues, obv.

  51. Oh this brings back some memories. Havine been blessed (???) with radiculously curly hair I remember my mum having to chase me round the house trying to get it brushed. I have since discovered tangle teaser (this might not be the correct name) from my hairdresser apparently it was on dragon’s Den but didn’t get any money. It’s like a brush that you would use to brush a horse’s mane and goes through my thick curly mop with ease.

  52. Haha, love it! I had really thick hair once and it would be so hard to brush! Congratz on being FP!

  53. i love my long hair, but after i had an outdoor activity, my hair would tangle, i hate that situation. but i’m really love my long hair

  54. i love your sketch, it’s awesome

  55. Aww, this is adorable! And also TRUE!! I still dislike brushing my hair…but I guess it has to get done.

  56. Brushing it was never easy but the best (or worse) was when my mom would get my hair into a pony and forget a hair tie. Then driving me around the house by my pony tail, looking for one. oh fond memories 🙂

  57. Ha. I love it. I remember screaming sometimes when my mom had to brush knots out of my hair. She called them “rat’s nests”. ew.

  58. I always thought of Rapunzel as the most unflattering fairytale girl. i mean, her hair is dirty!LOL

  59. Nice drawing:-) Thanks for posting a very personal side of you

  60. Fantastic – I may have to show my nursery class this tomorrow.

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  62. That’s a really cute picture..haha

  63. I actually find a weird attraction in women who own long hair hahaha.

  64. My mom resorted to simply keeping our hair short. I had a banged pageboy until high school.

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