I’m sorry…

…for talking incessantly the minute you walk in from work.

I’m sorry for letting Evie and Gruff climb all over the chair while you were balanced precariously on top of it changing the light bulb.

I’m sorry that Evie runs to the toilet the minute you get in so you can’t go and have to wait.

I’m sorry Gruff filled his nappy while I was cooking so you had to change it.

I’m sorry Gruff left all the lego all over the floor for you to fall over and clonk your head.

I’m sorry that I ate all of the Maltesers you hid in the mouldy biscuit barrel.

Oh and I’m sorry the cat’s vomited in your shoe…again

Cup of tea?

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  1. Aww, I love this one. ❤


  2. look at us, we’re like a 70’s sitcom family….

    …. and I’m sorry for being grumpy.


    • yeah, minus the dungarees ;P
      Darling I would think it weird if you were happy and cheerful all of the time and would call in the white coats….You are allowed to be grumpy, it offsets my offensively overflowing optimism that endears me to many and is repugnant to the rest.


  3. I often wonder if my Hubby has to take a deep breath before he puts his key in the front door and enters the chaos zone!


  4. I told my son to let dad unwind for 30 minutes before he attacks him. It backfired. When I asked my son right after school how everything was, he immediately responded to give him 30 minutes to unwind. 🙂
    I love your drawings! Looks like a good material for future book.


  5. lovely 🙂 if i ever write a children’s book, you’re the illustrator 🙂


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